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22 April 2019

I do miss the traditions of Easter, whether the religious, or the secular Easter bunny stuff.  But with how I feel about the Catholic church, it would seem wrong to return just for Easter week ceremonials.  And with no kids or grandkids around, I didn't even buy a chocolate bunny. though I did enjoy seeing pictures of the girls decorating Easter eggs.

I missed the days when our kids were little and I went shopping for Easter bunnies for them, the days when we dyed Easter eggs, and when we set up egg hunts in the back yard....always one egg on the top of the jungle gym.  The kids always looked out the upstairs windows to see what they could see from there before they went outside.  When they got older, I learned how to make sugar eggs when I was taking a cake decorating class.  Since Jeri's birthday is  at this time of year, her birthday party consisted of a bunch of 4-H girls making their own sugar eggs.  I swore I still had sugar imbedded in the floor years later, but that was a fun project.

It was fun seeing the grandkids ready to collect eggs...though I wonder how many they expected to collect!

Last year I think my mother came for dinner, but dinner out is always confusing for her now and she has no concept of holidays anyway, s there didn't seem any point.  So it was just a day like any other.

I slept until 9:30 (after 2 hours in the middle of the night awake) and Walt was already off at Mass. 

We had our upstairs/downstairs life throughout the day, but I did cook a kinda/sorta Easter meal of a slice of ham (I seriously considered a leg of lamb, but the smallest one I could find cost $30, so I didn't get it).  There wasn't even a special Easter dessert, since Walt isn't into desserts and we had our ice cream bars.

The TV was off a good deal of the day because I was busy finishing Sally Fields' autobiography (which I did, but my word was it depressing!), but I did turn the set on at 5, for my one Easter tradition--watching Easter Parade.

Turner Classic Movies is so funny.  They day is filled iwth Easter-themed movies, covering every possible angle of Jesus' life and death, and then between The Shoes of the Fisherman and King of Kings is Easter Parade, then back to more Jesus.

Somehow I don't think the Easter parade down 5th Avenue in New York compares with the way of the Cross in Jerusalem!

But I like the movie and enjoy seeing it each year.

But the holiday is over and it's onto a new week.  Today I will be writing the review for the very strange, but funny, Disaster! the 70s Disaster Movie...musical! and this week I will be seeing Pajama Game and then, on Sunday, watching Char turn 80.



Bri got a big dog-shaped egg for Easter


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