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11 April 2019

Yesterday was a frustrating day from start to finish, with moments of good news.  Ended somewhat spectacularly with perhaps the worst dinner I've ever cooked.

But let me start at the beginning.  I ignored the computers at night; couldn't handle it.  In the morning I did a work-around and managed to get yesterday's entry written and posted. I could not get on the internet on the laptop and could not type on the desktop but could do a lot with mouse clicks, so I wrote the entry on the laptop, put it on a flash drive and then took it to the desktop and managed to get it uploaded using only the mouse.

While I was doing that, Ned was here and he took on the problem of getting the laptop on line, which after a long time, he was able to do.  That solved one of my big problems, that being that my banking is paperless and I have an Amazon bill due next week and wanted to pay it, but without internet access, or the ability to type in a password, there was no way I could do it.  But after a long time, Ned had me on line, though could not get Firefox to stay on line and so put me on with Chrome.  I am not wedded to either browser, so whichever worked was fine with me.

Paying the bill took most of the day.  I was able to get to the Chase account just fine on Chrome, but could not do anything with it because Chase posted a message that my version of Chrome was not going to be supported in a couple of weeks and I needed to download the later version of Chrome.

Now, I should mention that doing ANYTHING on this laptop is like working with dialup.  It's an old lady and moves v-e-r-y slowly.  And yes, critics, I do need a new computer . I've needed a new computer for a long time, but (a) I only use this laptop once or at most twice a year and it seems a lot of money just for that, but more importantly (b) an updated computer means that the two programs I use the most, Front Page (on which I write this journal) and PhotoShop, will no longer work in the versions I have.   Photoshop costs over $1,000 to buy now (I got it dirt cheap many years ago when they were updating and Amazon had it for about $60) and it is far more powerful than I need so I would have to RENT it month by month.

As for FrontPage, it no longer exists so I would have to find a new program to use and gosh, folks, I've been using this for 20 years and I am no longer excited at the prospect of learning new programs.

So I'm willing to go along with the slowness, if it will work.

So back to Chase.  I downloaded Chrome, thought it was installed, logged back into Chase and got the same message.  I tried it several times.  Finally, I found out I had to download the actual program from my App program, but there is a problem with that too.  I know what the password is supposed to be, but Apple won't accept it and there is NOWHERE a "forgot my password" button.  I've been trying to get into apps for a very long time (I've saved a lot of money by not being able to).

I finally tried to fire up Firefox, and this time it came up and I quickly logged into Chase.  I have two accounts there to pay, an Amazon account and my normal Chase credit card (I only got the Amazon card because I gave me the opportunity to buy my Instant pot for about $9.00).  I paid the Amazon bill and then decided as long as I was there, I would pay the credit card bill too -- that's the card from where the monthly support for all the Compassion kids come.  The bill is not due until May 2, but I wasn't going to run the chance to not being able to connect with Chase again before then.

Just to double check and make sure I had enough in my bank account, I logged into Golden One, secure in the knowledge that last time I checked I had more than enough, but I was forgetting that was a couple of months ago.  I do not have enough money, so I had to figure out how to cancel the credit card payment, which after much discouraging attempts on line, I was finally able to do by actually calling the customer service number on the back of the card and talking (after about 10 minutes of waiting) to a real person.

It was almost time to cook dinner by the time I got all this done.

I had hamburger I was going to do something with and decided to do it easy and just make spaghetti.  I remembered that I had put half a can of pizza sauce in the freezer so I would just add that to the meat and then add canned tomatoes if it needed more liquid.

I got the meat browned and the pizza sauce defrosted most of the way in the microwave.  As I poured the "pizza sauce" into the meat it smelled kind of odd and that's when I discovered I had defrosted a container of pumpkin pie filling.  It was too late to take it out so I added chiles and spices and then a can of tomatoes and let the thing simmer for about half an hour, then put it in the oven with lots of cheese.

Let's just say, as Walt put it, "you've baked better pumpkin pies before."  It was edible, but pretty ghastly -- and the best part is there is enough for another meal out of it.

So the day ended and at least I have internet on the laptop now and have paid a bill, but that's about all I have to show for my entire day.  I've been putting off calling my guru back because I know he's going to tell me that I need to reload Windows and I know that will result in losing those programs I need to keep and I just don't want to hear that.



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