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10 April 2019

Well, I'm back...kinda, sorta.  This is being written on my laptop and I still don't know about the desktop.  But let me explain.

It started yesterday when I was about to write this entry.  It was going to be a lovely entry about all the wonderful memories that I was discovering as I went looking for photos with Char in them to upload for her upcoming 80th birthday party.

I discovered I had taken thousands of pictures of kids and very few of adults, so the pix of Char were few and far between.  But photos like this...

...were little gems.  This was taken in Death Valley when we had gone camping with the Blackfords.  Our plan had been to have a seder because it was Easter time, and at that time we were big into ecumenical seders.  But  for one reason or another (I thought it was weather, but if that were the case, we would be inside), the planned seder didn't work out, so we had lamb fondue instead.  This was the camping trip where wind was so high, we moved the kids from our tent to the Blackfords' stronger tent and then took our tent down and weighted it with rocks, because it was in danger of blowing away.

In the morning Jenny (Blackford) asked Walt if we had thrown rocks at our tent to knock it down.

Memories like that.  Or this one...

From the time Jeri was born, my father was looking forward to the day when he could walk up to Swenson's Ice Cream, 2 blocks from our house, to get her an ice cream cone.  This was a Very Big Deal and I'd forgotten it until I started going through photo albums.

I started writing this entry and the keyboard would not type.  Oh the keyboard was fine, but when I hit a key, it did not result in a letter appearing on the screen.  I rebooted the computer and when it rebooted, I put in my password, happy that the keyboard easily typed the password, but when Windows opened, it was the same thing--I could not type anything in any program.

Well...OK.  It was not easy, but I could write an entry on the laptop, which I had not used in months.  I fired up the laptop, which is painfully slow, and discovered that I had no option to connect to the internet.  I don't know how that happened, but I could not get the computer to find our router.  I could type, but I could not connect.

I called my guru who gave me a couple of suggestions, which did not work, but time was growing short because I was meeting my friend Kathy for lunch.  I never did get back to him, but spent the day doing other stuff (I was going to work on the swap bot book I'm working on, but my double stick tape dispenser misfired and I have to wait until I get new tape...nothing was going right!

I was pretty blase about it, figuring out I'd get the problem solved the next day (now I'm living in terror that the guru will tell me the only thing to do is to reboot Windows, which has more problems than I care to think about).  I took the evening off and watched TV and then decided to go to sleep, but of course as soon as I got on the couch, all I could think about was what to do about the two computer problems.

There simply HAD to be away to connect to the internet.  I had to getup.  I worked for about an hour trying everything and then rememberd I could do a system restore, setting everything to a previous date and then rebooting and voila!  That worked.  I had internet connection on the laptop. 

This morning I realized I didn't need to TYPE anything to transfer files from the desktop to a flash drive and then to the laptop, so that's how I am typing this.  But even though it shows I am connected to the internet, it won't bring up Firefox so I can't post anything, but I think I can once again transfer this to the desktop and upload from there because I don't think I need to type anything.  Maybe.

The photos may not show...I won't know until I try, but we'll see.  Then I'll see what I can find from the guru.

In the meantime, here is THIS entry and, with luck, there will be another tomorrow.


Walts 30th birthday -- our Farkel Party


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