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8 April 2019

It's a strange feeling when someone you have known for more than 50 years dies and you realize you didn't really know her much at all.

We met Phoebe during our Newman Hall days at UC Berkeley.  She was kind of a peripheral part of our "Pinata Group," but didn't have a partner, so she was always single.

In the beginning we invited her to come to our annual New Year' Day parties, but she was quite vocal about hating little kids and had NO desire to join us if the kids were going to be there (and of course the only reason we HAD a New Year's Day party and not a New Year's Eve party was so that the kids could be part of it), though as the kids got older, she became more interested in joining us.

She is a geologist with her own geology firms and traveled around the country looking and examining rocks.

It has been several years since I've seen her and in the last 3 years she has written to me three times.  When I had the "whatever it was" she seemed to think it was arthritis and sent this message:  cant find the fluid ref   there may be something of help herte.  That was the entire message and if I scrolled down past the many links to her various companies, I found a bunch of links to arthritis sites.

Her messages always were cryptic.  When I wrote a Funny the World entry about the packages of crackers I brought that were all crumbs, she appeared out of nowhere to write, suspect your cracers were packaged at a very different air pressure nthe that where you opened them - ask walt.

Unsolicited came a message which I think was about the kidnapped kids at the border, but it came out of nowhere:   what escapes me iswhy some hot shot lawyers dont go after this and sue the fu ker its worse then kidnapping. is it because they are not citizens. what has the pope to say. there are lists of catholic congressmen/women excommunicate and publish who has been. skip jall l refuse to belleve thls is raclst.

She always seemed to write in the middle of a stream of consciousness, without reference to what she was thinking.

In 2016, she wrote to Char that she had contracted a rare blood disease, probably in Mongolia, that was going to require having her foot amputated.

Phoebe was a terrific photographer and while I think that I take a lot of photos, Phoebe was the one who took all the photos of our events, at least in the early years. 

In later years, though she lived in Colorado, she made an effort to make it to as many social gatherings in California that she could, like this party for our friend Concetta's birthday, a year before Concetta died.  Being part of the Pinata Group was very important to her, even though she lived so far away.

For my 70th birthday party, she flew out from Colorado in the morning and back to Colorado in the evening! (see Photo of the day)

I wish I had more photos of Phoebe to include, especially from the early years, but I am having trouble getting to my scrapbooks.  Suffice to say that another of our circle of friends has left this earth and though this is not a personal loss for me, given our lack of close friendship, it's still a shock and makes me sad.




My 70th birthday


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