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5 April 2019

I feel like Jeopardy, having a category of potpourri, snippets of thoughts and events.

First, Laurelie says she remembers my discussing "feckless" in a previous journal entry.  My dementia symptoms must really be acting up because I have absolutely no memory of that, but I checked my journal database (thank god I have one!) and can't find an entry discussing that word, so maybe she's thinking of another word.

Biggest news for the day is that I am a licensed driver again!  I went down to Kaiser in Vacaville and saw my new doctor, who is named Pinky Weiner.  Now get a visual image of a person who is named Pinky Weiner.  Boy? Girl?  I sort of thought of a Valley Girl looking type.  Kaiser has web pages of its doctors, that usually have photos, but Pinky has no photo.

Imagine my surprise to discover that Pinky Weiner is Asian.  Lovely woman, but very definitely not what I expected, based on either name!

She couldn't understand (as I couldn't) why the DMV insisted on getting the form signed, or why I needed another exam, when I just had one eight months ago.  But she gave me an exam and filled out the form.  The change in my vision was minuscule.  She wrote a prescription based on the very tiny change in my vision but we both agreed there was no point in getting new glasses, and that I could do it at my next annual exam.  She did, however, write that she had written a prescription for new lenses.

My wait at the DMV wasn't all that bad.  So nice to know that I am considered "disabled" and can go in front of the line of the rest of the people, though it does seem like cheating.

Waiting for someone to review my paperwork only took 30 minutes. I love Kindle.  With the Kindle App, I always have book with me on my cell phone, so the time flew by.  The women who reviewed my paperwork had to check with a superior to see if it was OK to give me a license when I did NOT get new glasses, but thank goodness he said it was all right and voil�...I walked out of there a legally licensed driver again.  When the real license arrives, I will try to make a note of in which year the thing expires so I can avoid this problem next time.  If I'm still alive and driving by then.

This morning the news told the story of a 9 year old girl (LeDerihanna) in Georgia, playing in her front yard, who was hit by an out of control car which sped across her front lawn and knocked her down.  But the whole story was pretty incredible.  For one thing, it was her brother, not much older than she was, who thought to give her CPR. She suffered a fractured skull, and her pelvic bone was broken in three places.  She has already been able to take a couple of steps using a walker and is determined she will eventually be able to be a cheer leader again.

But the story doesn't end there.  The driver of the car was arrested but says he's not guilty because the person in the back seat of his car (who is shown on video fleeing the scene) was trying to rob him and carjack him and he was looking over his shoulder at the time.  "A fight ensued inside the vehicle that caused the accident," his attorney explained.

On the girl's side, inspection of her home has declared it uninhabitable and the family, which has been spending all their time at the hospital with LeDerihanna, has had to move out of the home.

But look at that smile.  Surely thing are going to go well for this little girl!

The girl's mother, who was interviewed on The Today Show has several facial piercings and it reminded me of what I think of whenever I see facial piercings. Piercings are not for me but I'm fine with people making their own decisions, but I just don't know how one copes with some piercings.  I blow my nose several times a day.  I can't imagine having a piercing on my philtrum (the skin between your nose and your upper lip--I'm not super smart; I looked it up!) and how that works with a runny nose.  Or a nose piercing either.

Lips?  I can't imagine eating with piercings on my lips or tongue.  Do you brush your tongue the way you brush your teeth to remove leftover food.

Shudder.  To each his own.  Not my own, for sure.


Interested in piercings?  Check the Weirdest Piercings page.  Shudder!


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