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26 September 2018

There is no denying that fall is here.  Trader Joe's "Fearless Flyer" arrived and offers the following:

* Pumpkin bread mix
* Pumpkin spice almond beverage
* Pumpkin flavored dog treats
* Pumpkin ginger ice cream
* Pumpkin rolls with spice icing
* Pumpkin cheesecake
* Pumpkin Joe-Joe's (whatever that is!)
* Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins
* Pumpkin pancake & waffle mix
* Vanilla pumpkin candle
* Pumpkin cream cheese
* Petite pumpkin spice cookies
* Pumpkin spice coffee
* Pumpkin ale
* Pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds
* Organic canned pumpkin
* Organic pumpkin spice granola bark
* Pumpkins

I've been bombarded with other pumpkin recipes from various web site in e-mail and in magazines.  Truth to tell, pumpkin is not my favorite flavor, though I love pumpkin pies and, when I am in the right mood, pumpkin ice cream  I think pumpkin spice coffee would be ghastly!

Of course, when I think of pumpkins, I always think back on our pumpkin pie movies

for the Char and me movie go here:  

and for the movie of the kids go here:

Caroline survived her second day at the vet school.  These are long days, cooped in an air conditioned windowless room and no opportunity to get out and feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather.

But she has friends in town this time around, so she has been going out every night.  Last night she was meeting them at a club but had some of our dinner first.  It was my last Home Chef meal for awhile and it not only fed the 3 of us, but there are leftovers.  Then she went off to deVere's and had chicken sliders.  Fortunately she likes to walk so the mile and a half walk home helped her settle all that food.

Having her here has proved one thing--I really can sleep through anything.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday, I slept through her fixing and eating her breakfast, fixing her lunch, and then leaving, all with the accompaniment of periodic barking of Polly.  I slept through it all, though only a few feet from where all the activity was going on.

Ned and I went to Kaiser yesterday for my next blood test.  Things really are getting easier.  I can 90% of the time get my left leg in the car and it is getting easier to get or almost get the right leg in too.  It gives me hope that I will one day be able to drive again.

I had the usual blood drawn for the Creatine Kinase test.  Remember that the target goal is <200 m/l.  I started at 1600 m/l and have slowly gone down and down to 912 at the last test.  I was thrilled that the results, which I picked up at 5 a.m. were 814.  I had an email from my neurologist, who was very pleased.

In the midst of all this, Atria reminds me that my mother is due for her annual exam and sent me the paperwork that her doctor needs to fill out.  Just what I need -- another reason to go to Kaiser.

I have also developed this wart on my nose, right where my glasses hit the bridge of my nose.  Every time I feel it, I get the image of how kids may view me

Ned and Walt are encouraging me to get it removed, but to tell you the truth, the thought of yet another minor condition is just more than I can think of at the moment.  It will be there until I'm ready to deal with it.  Or it will go away, which will be even better, though highly unlikely.

Maybe I'll try a pumpkin facial.



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