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21 September 2018

Ned took me to -- where else? -- Kaiser yesterday for my weekly butt check. 

The results are good.  They have been measuring the wound and last week it was .6 whatevers and this week it is .5 whatevers.  So it is shrinking.

They did a consult with the nurse practitioner about whether to put silver nitrate on it again, or not, to speed the healing.  I said that my preference would be no, but if they thought they should, fine (the thing stings something fierce).  The NP decided that since it's not hurting as much and continues to shrink, they won't

They asked if I wanted to come back next week and I said no, but would make an appointment if it seems necessary

So my butt is so much better, I may not need medical assistance any more, after only 2-1/2 months.

When I left, I told the nurse that the next time I saw her would be probably next week when I came back for a flu shot, which they are supposed to start giving next week.  She pointed to another nurse, just outside the door and said I could get it today, that they had started giving it a week early, so I got my flu shot and I'm now all good to go.

Walt is walking slowly, sleeping a lot, and sitting gingerly, but he's definitely getting better too.

It was a good day!

Ned finished cleaning the guest bedroom for Caroline, who arrives tomorrow night, he went shopping, got a crock pot dinner going for us, and headed back home after 3 days here.  He will be back today to take me to visit my mother and to wash the kitchen floor.  Whadda guy!

Yesterday was also Lacie's 7th birthday.

and we made a video birthday song to text to her.

Ned and Marta finished their birthday video for her.  Ned started making a video a year for Brianna and made the last one on her 10th birthday (he told her it would be the last one), but they needed to find something to do for Lacie and so they started making a puppet show a year for her.  She has 3 more to look forward to.

She is all excited because she got a new bike for her birthday.

We also bought a bike helmet for her American Girl doll, which was on her wish list.

And so the day passed more or less uneventfully, but happily.  A good day


and then there's Kavanaugh....


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