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18 September 2018

How lovely to be out at lunch with "the girls" again.  Nancy came to pick me up and Judy helped me get into the car.  She remarked that when her husband was alive, she had to help him in the same way.

Then Nancy dropped us off at he University Retirement Community (an Atria-like facility but much, much larger) where we met the rest of our group and headed upstairs to the dining room for lunch.

It was nothing particularly special. We chatted about our various physical problems, people we know in Davis, the internet (I remember years ago when Nancy didn't know how to use her cell phone and now she is texting her grandchildren) and a bit, but not lot of politics.  It was just .... nice.

Joan encouraged some of us to take postcards to write to voters to vote for a democratic candidate so I will be doing that later this week.

The last time I ate there it was a buffet but this time we ordered from a menu.  Everything was delicious particularly the red velvet cheesecake.  Oh for seconds!  (but it was nice that Judy remarked when we were signing in that I had lost weight...I can see that I have, just enough that I don't hate photos of myself any more)

And then Nancy went to get the car, picked us up, and dropped me off at home, where I promptly took a 2 hour nap!

I woke up in time to watch the red carpet for the Emmys and then the Emmy ceremony itself.  I know I'm getting too old for these shows when I only recognize about 10% of the "stars" these days and see only about the same percentage of the nominated shows.  Somehow many of the big shows end up being ones I started watching when they first began and then decided I wasn't interested in following the show, or shows on Amazon or Netflix, which I can watch on my TV but just never make the effort to do so.

As for TV movies or specials, I am amazedat how many nominees are shows I've never heard of  How can someone who watches as much TV as I do miss so much????

However, I was thrilled when the first Emmy of the night went to Henry Winkler, who has never won an Emmy before and as waited 42 years for this award!  All those years of playing the Fonz and he never won.  His current show, Barry, is one of the ones I watched for a couple of weeks and then did not continue.

I was also amused when Betty White said she heard someone telling her child that she (White) was the First Woman of Television, which she took as a compliment until she realized that she really meant that White was the first woman to appear on television.

Some day I will try to understand how shows and actors are nominated for awards, since none of the shows I watch regularly are ever nominated.  But I was thrilled that Matthew Rys, from The Americans won for lead actor in a drama series.  Each year I am frustrated that the show seems to be ignored, but suddenly not only is he nominated but he wins.

How long will it be before the Academy notices Outlander?  That it has never been nominated for at least a costume award is a travesty.  Maybe next year....

So Walt has been getting ready for his big day today.  We have to be at the hospital by 8:30 and I don't know what time his surgery will be, but I expect we will be there for several hours.  It's nice that both his brother and sister, in addition to Ned, will be there.

He had long chats with both his sister and Jeri so he is all stoked with family support.  I will be glad when this is over...and I know he will be glad when it's over.



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