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17 September 2018

I've taken to writing these entries on the date rather than the night before.  I've enjoyed getting ahead by writing them the night (or afternoon) before but the recliner is entirely too tempting and the idea of getting up and sitting at my desk is not appealing, so lately I have been writing in the morning....or sometimes in the afternoon.

It's especially appealing on days like yesterday when I pretty much did NOTHING all day but sit and watch NCIS-LA.

On Sundays they run a marathon from 11 a.m. until 3 a.m.  Right now they are showing Season 6 (of 9) and I've been caught up in the strange relationship of partners/lovers? Kensi and Deeks

They don't actually confess their feelings for one another until Season 8 (I read yesterday), so there are probably two Sundays before we finally get to that famous first kiss, which comes at the end of season 8.  Lots more marathon watchings in my Sundays!

But every time I watch Eric Christian Olsen (who plays the rumpled Marty Deeks), I wonder what his make-up sessions consist of

Do they STYLE his hair that way?

No sooner did I express my sadness the other day at missing one-on-one lunches with other women then I got an invitation to meet with a few other friends today.  The invite came from someone who does not read Funny the World and so doesn't know about my whatever-it-is, and offered to pick me up and deliver me to the front door of the facility where we are meeting.  (Also at the same time, Ned volunteered to drive me to lunch with anybody I wanted to meet, which was very sweet of him).

So I'm off to lunch today and feeling good about it.  It will be nice to take my mind off of tomorrow, which is Walt's hernia surgery.

I know it's a simple surgery, but it will be a family affair, with his sister driving up from Santa Barbara to be here at the hospital, with their brother.  Several years ago, it was Walt's brother who was hospitalized and Walt met Alice Nan at the hospital for another family affair.  These guys are so incredibly supportive of each other.

So we will all be at the hospital at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  Ned will drive me and stay with us.  He will also spend the next couple of nights here in case Walt needs something I can't do for him.

We hope to all be back home and settled in before 4 p.m. so we can log onto the Berklee College web site for Jeri's annual concert, which will be streamed.  (If we miss it, it will also be on the Berklee Archive.)  This year she has composed a piece during which she will play all of the instruments she plays (except the piano).  She has been writing it over the last year or so and it is called "Song for Lacie," since it is almost Lacie's birthday.

No "nothing" days coming up this week!


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