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14 September 2018

Walt's cousin and his wife have a guest bedroom in their basement which is known as "cuddle corner" because it is where they used to cuddle and read to their children, both of whom are married with their own kids now.

But cuddle corner remains the place where guests sleep and it is appropriately named.

These days I'm feeling like I have my own cuddle corner.  Since I got the new recliner my new favorite thing to do is cuddle down, go to sleep, wake up around 6 or so, get up, have my morning banana and ice water, and then snuggle down again, perhaps to watch TV, but almost certainly to fall back asleep.  I slept through the entire Today Show today and woke up at 9 a.m.

Not quite sure how to handle this newfound "rested" me.  But I like it.

Ned arrived as I got a phone call from someone who just needed to rant...and it was a glorious rant.  Sometimes you have to feel that it's just not your day ... or week.

One part of the rant included getting a $50 parking ticket.  Hearing that, Ned had his own rant saying he had jut received a $75 parking ticket for parking in a loading zone while he was trying to unload some boxes of books at the library.  Nobody does righteous indignation better than Ned and he came up against a police officer who does his own power trip better than most and I guess briefly it was not pretty.  I told Ned that if he had been black, he probably would have been shot -- and immediately felt guilty for feeing that way, but so many innocent confrontations like this, getting out of hand, have turned fatal for people of color that I couldn't help it.

We had a nice visit with Ned.  One thing Ned and I have in common is media.  He has recommended lots of good movies and TV shows to me and we watch several of the same shows and are able to compare notes.  Since he knows "Breaking Bad" backwards and forwards, I rely on him to explain Better Call Saul to me each week.

I was able to tell him about seeing Walter White's grave on a TV program last night.

I was surprised to learn that White was born...and died...on my mother's birthday.

I am amazed at how popular Breaking Bad is this long after its ending, though I suppose I should not be surprised.  I actually bought Ned a book a couple of years ago, written by a guy who is a member of the Davis Musical Theater Company.  It's a map and description of every set where a scene in the show takes place.  Ned was thrilled.

Apparently the folks who live in the house that was supposed to be Walter White's are really fed up with tourists stopping by to take a picture of their house!

Ned is particularly pleased today because his latest album "Shh" by "Nasty Pussy" was released on the internet today.  I haven't heard it yet, but it's all anti-Trump pieces and I'm betting there might be a naughty word or two in it.

Anyway, today is a quiet day, a good one for resting in cuddle corner and maybe even napping some more before we go to the theater tonight.  Tonight we have "handicapped seating," which is at the back of the theater, instead of my favorite orchestra tickets down close.  Not happy about that, but the chances of my falling again are minor.


I am getting into gorilla pictures on Instagram lately.
They are all so human.
This is my favorite sneering photo.

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