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5 September 2018

Walt had a pre-op appointment at Kaiser in Vacaville today, preparing for his hernia surgery in 2 weeks.  I had a call from my friend Jeri (our Jeri's godmother), who was going to be in town with her husband Phil and wanted to know if we wanted to meet them for lunch at Fentons at 11:30.

I decided Ned could drop me off at Fentons and I could wait for Jeri and Phil and then when Walt had finished his appointment they could meet us for lunch.  Jeri's son Kevin was also going to meet us, with his son Neil.

Jeri arrived walking with her walker.  Last time we met for lunch, maybe a year ago, she had her walker and I had my cane.  Now we are both on walkers.

I asked her why she was on a walker and she said "because I fall a lot."  We compared notes and really her symptoms sound an awful lot like mine.  She can't drive either and they are probably selling their mobile home because she has a hard time getting into it.  She is also familiar with "lift assist."   I have to admit that knowing how long she has been affected does not fill me with a lot of hope.

Ned, Walt, Kevin and Neil arrived within a couple of minutes of each other.  I asked Walt how his appointment had gone and he said he has to return next week because they think he has shingles!!!!!  Shingles!  Where did THAT come from?  He has no pain, but the rash he has follows a nerve track and they think that if it is shingles the vaccine he took a few years ago may have prevented the pain. So until next week they don't know if they have to reschedule the surgery or not.

Good grief. What next?

As usual, it was a wonderful lunch.  I took this picture because I'm not sure if I have taken a picture of Ned wearing glasses before. These are his reading glasses and he's frustrated because he can't read without them.  Yeah.  Tell me about it!

Jeri now has reading glasses too.

It has been amazing to me that Walt and I have worn glasses since we were kids (got mine when I was about 10) and yet NONE of our kids needed glasses as children.  I don't think Tom has glasses.  Neither Paul nor David had glasses at the time of  their death.  Everybody on both sides of the family wears glasses, but the kids  reached their late 40s without needing them.

Must be one of the benefits of all that breastfeeding!

I didn't need to read the menu to know what I wanted.  I always get the crab salad sandwich and a vanilla malt.  So did Walt.  As usual, the sandwich was delicious and so big we both had half of our sandwiches for dinner.

It was a quiet afternoon.  Both Walt and I napped.  I slept through several episodes of Criminal Minds, all of which melded together in my dreams.

At night we watched the amazing America's Got Talent and look forward to tonight to see who moves on to the finals.



Photo taken by Neil

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