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28 October 2018

This is stolen from Sleepy Rambles

1. What is on your mind right now?
Probably what is on everyone's mind today--the bombs and the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.

2. Do you know anyone who has attended Harvard University?
I'm sure I do, but no name comes to mind immediately

3. How many books are in the room you’re in?
Oh lord--ask me an EASY question!  This is an "overflow room," where I keep books that don't fit everywhere else.  Probably 200 or so.

4. Do you save at least 15 percent of your income?
No.  My "income" comes from Social Security (while they still allow me to have it) and most of it goes to the kids I sponsor at Compassion.

5. When was the last time you had a rainy day spent at home?
Well, we haven't had a rainy day in a long time  Sometimes I spend so much time in my office that I can go a whole day without realizing it's raining.

6. When was the last time you stayed home from school/work?
Since when I work, I do my work from home, never.

7. Do you write “yes” or “no” answers to surveys or do you explain more?
I really like people who expand on "yes" or "no" answers, so I try to do that too.  It's kind of anticlimactic to go to a blog that has only one word answers.

8. Is there any type of medicine you can’t take? For what reason?
I am now recovering from the muscle weakness that a couple of years on Atorvastatin for cholesterol gave me! I will avoid statins like the plague after this.

9. Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas? What do they look like?
Mostly, I wear PJ bottoms and a t-shirt (usually my Obama t-shirt), but I do have one pair of PJs that I like--tops and bottoms are decorated in Scotty dogs.

10. Would you rather have potato or chicken noodle soup if you had to?
Probably potato, though I do like some chicken noodle soups too.

11. Do you believe that when a person appears in your dreams, that person wants to see you?
That never occurred to me.

12. When’s the last time you saw your mom?
A week ago.  Ned and I seem to visit her every week now.

13. What is one food you could eat for a month, straight, and not get sick of?
Confusing question.  Does it mean ONLY one food, or one food that you'd eat every day along with everything else.  I have a banana every morning, spoonsful of peanut butter several times a day an have done that for years.

14. Have you ever spray painted something about your love somewhere?
Nope.  Never.

15 Do you live in a town where basically everyone knows everyone else?
The town has grown a lot in the past 40 years.  That used to be true--not EVERYONE, but I certainly knew a lot more people than I do now.  Just yesterday Ned and I passed a guy riding a bike and Ned pointed out that this guy has been riding his bike, and wearing the same hat, for 30 years.


another picture from a compassion child

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