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26 October 2018

This is actually being written on the 27th, but that's a Saturday and it's Saturday 9, so I'll write of my adventures , which actually occurred on the 26th anyway.

The morning started, as I said yesterday, with coming to the computer and finding this message:

which I originally punned was the "blue screen of terminal illness" and have since learned is the new "blue screen of death."

Ned came in the morning and took Walt for his pre-op surgical consult (surgery Nov. 9) and while they were gone, I consulted with my guru, who said he could see me whenever I could get Ned to drive me in in the afternoon.

Steve has been keeping my computer(s) running for a couple of decades now and I don't know what I would do without him.  I left my "baby" in his care and came home to find a good book.

I was actually very sanguine about the whole situation.  I never doubted that it could be fixed though questions about "re-installing the operating system" made me a tad nervous, but I resigned myself to skipping a day of FTW and settled into 18th century America, reading Diana Gabaldon's  "Drums of Autumn," to prepare for the 4th season of "Outlander" starting in 2 weeks.  I remember this as being my least favorite of the Gabaldon books...and now I don't know why.  I was literally glued to the book until about 2 a.m. until I finally had to put it down, about half an hour before the ending.

It has everything that will make the TV season perfect -- pirates, Indians, bears, rapists, time travel, history...and sex, of course.  I think the reason I didn't like it much the first time was that I didn't like all the emphasis on the "today" world of Claire's daughter, Brianna.  But I got to like Brianna during Season 3 of the TV season, so I enjoyed that this time.

Somewhere around 9 or so, Walt got a text message from his sister about the World Series game, which we had not been watching, so we switched over to what ultimately became the longest game in World Series history.  18 innings.  I don't have a passionate interest in the result.  Jeri is now a die hard Red Sox fan while Brianna and her mother are Dodgers fans (I asked Tom how he could let that happen, since we have always been Giants fans).  But I have a passionate interest in keeping up with Jeri and Brianna.

All the while I was reading it, of course, I was listening to coverage of all the bombs and the idiot in the White House saying it was all the media's fault, the he doesn't need to moderate his language but needs to UP his language and then, later, making fun of Maxine Waters (again) and, this morning, saying they need to "get rid of all the Democrats."  Somehow the attempted assassination of past presidents and prominent Democrats became "bombs" (quotes his) and how unfair it was for disrupting the momentum he had been building for the midterms.  Did he call to check in with any of the victims?  No...he didn't think that was necessary.

I turned off the TV and went back to my book, falling into a deep sleep somewhere around 2 a.m.  I woke up at 9:45, amazed at how long I'd slept.  Saturday is the day that I watch cooking shows, so I didn't see any news shows until Walt told me about the shootings at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, which follows on the heels of the black people shot yesterday--I don't remember where.

This is our new world.  A president who wants everyone to make nice unless they are democrats, and then get rid of them, people who aren't even safe in houses of worship, and heroic first responders who run toward the danger and end up in the hospital.

Somehow I seem to always be on the edge of a crying jag for what we are becoming.

But in the midst of it all, Steve called to say the computer was ready and Walt took me to Woodland to pick it up.  The only thing we could not fix was my mail server, Thunderbird.  Mail Washer, my pre-screening program will pick up mail but can't send it to Thunderbird, so right now I'm having my DCN mail forwarded to Gmail and will slowly, over the next months, change my email address to

Walt got me set up and I'm back again.  Now to find out what is going on in Saturday 9.  I'm back (and I've just started the 5th Gabaldon book).



Tom calls this "bottom of the 15th inning"

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