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1 October 2018

Big brother is watching me.  I checked out a Lawsuit page the other day and now this ad is following me everywhere ... the shirt on the top left is the Lawsuit guy.  At one point following up on one of the links, it took me to a whole page of Lawsuit guy t-shirts for sale, none by Lawsuit.

I can also apparently order these.

Redbubble also has a whole page of different Lawsuit shirts, including my personal favorite:

This is the name of the band's very first recording, a cassette tape.  I don't know if redbubble is actually selling any of this stuff, but Lawsuit is definitely not getting any proceeds , if they are.  A couple of the shirts are even from Preoccupied Pipers, which came after Lawsuit.

And then there are the Seymour/Toby shirts.

We went to a party last night.  First social engagement we have been to in months.  It was for celebrating some friends living in Davis for 50 years.  Their daughters hosted and it was a lovely party, with a dj and a delicious dinner.  It was nice to have my walker so I had a place to sit, but when time came for dinner, we couldn't sit with the friends we know best for dinner because I couldn't wheel the walker across the lawn and I felt very unsteady without it.

I sat at the closest empty table for about 8 people and hoped that friends would come and sit with us, but they looked at me, sitting alone, and then went to sit at the adjacent empty table.  With my perennial paranoia, I felt rejected.  But someone did finally sit with us and we enjoyed taking with them. 

When time came to get up from the table, my knees would not work and I needed help to get to my feet, but not as much as I have needed in the past, so maybe that was ?progress?

There were many children there and a bouncy house out in the cul de sac as well as other games.  The kids were SO incredibly good and the older ones were wonderfully sympathetic, helping me get into the back yard where I didn't have to do steps and then, on the way out, helping me over a curb.  I was impressed at how well behaved all the young people were.

It was fun being back among friends again, though everyone seems so busy "doing stuff" and my "stuff" lately is all trips to Kaiser, so all I did was listen...but then that's what I usually do at parties.  I never have mastered the art of small talk (which is why, maybe, our friends didn't want to sit with me).

It was 3 p.m. yesterday before I realized it was Sunday, not Monday.  I wondered why we had no mail.



who other than Lawsuit fans and Dave's mother would want this??

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