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9 November 2018

Walt tells me that the last time I did any grocery shopping was in June.

Ned and I decided I was ready to try it again, so off we went to Nugget Market and I used the grocery cart for a walker.

Hello, world -- I'm Back!

Walt had warned me that they had reorganized the store and I wouldn't be able to find anything, and that was certainly true.  But some things were weird.  Why two whole bins for chicken drumsticks an only ONE PACKAGE of chicken thighs???  What have they done with all the thighs that came off all those drumsticks??

But it was the fun of discovery.

and as the cart filled, there was that thrill of looking down and seeing all those great impulse buys that were such fun to find.

Last time I shopped there, I got shaky and had to check out after I had gone through only half of the store--that was one of my first signs that all was not OK with my body. But today I sailed through the store and pushed my cart to check out.

Ned loaded up his car with all my bags, unloaded them here at home and put everything away. which was a huge help.

Walt and I had a pre-packaged salad (with blue cheese and grapes) along with one of my impulse buys--a foccacia which looked like the ones my mother used to buy in North Beach when I was a kid--for lunch and it hit the spot. 

I am really jazzed. I've gone out into the world and didn't collapse.  (Of course it used to be that I hated to do the week's shopping, so the newness will probably wear off soon, but I sure feel good this afternoon!)


It was over $250


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