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1 November 2018

We have not participated in Halloween trick or treating for many years.  With two dogs in the house, it was a pain to try to answer the door for trick or treaters, so we just turned off the lights in front and ignored them.

But with Lizzie gone, we decided we could at last invite trick or treaters again.  Walt went out and bought candy.  Now *I* would never buy four bags of Reece's peanut butter cups.  It would seem like too much and I knew I would just eat all the leftovers, but not armed with that cautionary warning, that's what he brought home.  Four bags of one of my favorite candies.

We all handle the temptation of bags of candy days before Halloween in our own way, I guess.  My friend Debra LoGuercio DeAngelo says: All of the Snickers and cherry Tootsie Pops in the Halloween candy I bought are sub-standard. I am making sure none of them end up in children’s hands. She is a truly compassionate person.

As for me, reading her cautionary tale, I realized that I should do quality control on the bags Walt had bought.  I found that hey were all OK for children to eat, at least the first bag was.  Somehow I couldn't find them after I'd "controlled" them, though.

But when the big day arrived, we were all set with our treats for those little tricksters.

We had one -- count 'em -- one set of tricksters to ring our doorbell.  Five kids.  Polly behaved nicely and they thought she was cute.

It finally got late enough that Walt turned off the light and went to bed, leaving me with three bags of Reece's peanut butter cups, minus treats for five tricksters.

I wonder what I'll do with them ....

Ned came by and we went to visit my mother yesterday.

The aides informed us that she and four other women had been very angry, shouting at each other earlier in the day.  I asked what they were angry about and she shrugged...she said my mother was yelling something about a little girl.  I guess they sent them all to their apartments.  We found my mother in bed, fully clothed, including her glasses, fast asleep.  She never moved while we talked with the aide.

Ned set me up with his portable spa in the bathroom, so I could take a shower, which I did.  I've gotten it down to a science, showering in that tiny shower and I really do enjoy it.

When I was all showered, I went back to her room and they were sitting together visiting.  She was so happy to see me.  "Mom?" she said, hugging me and repeating "Mom."  Ned was "Bill" (my uncle)

We decided to take her out for lunch and chose a Chinese restaurant, since I know she likes Chinese food and they never serve it at Atria.  They also serve HUGE lunch specials, heavy on the rice and chow mein.  I ordered her a broccoli chicken, since I know she loves broccoli and I had the walnut shrimp.

The plates came, heaped high with food and, as I knew she would, she was overwhelmed by the amount.  I was going to transfer a serving size to a smaller plate, but she had started eating, so I let her go. 

She ate more than Ned and I did....well, more than I did, at least.  We decided that one of the things she has lost in this dementia state of hers is the ability to feel hunger or to feel full.  She may be overwhelmed by the amount of food served, but she will just keep eating it until it is all gone.

We did have leftovers, though, and packed it all up to take home to Walt for his dinner.  He had gone to work earlier in the day, so had not come with us.

Ned brought me home and I was surprised that Walt was already home, since he usually works until late afternoon.  Ned checked on him and reported that he was asleep. But he came downstairs shortly after Ned left and reported that he had to leave work because he got so shaky at work and that he had a slight fever. So he went back upstairs to rest and I collapsed in my chair to take a nap.

Then something really weird happened.  I woke up and went out into the kitchen to get something and while I was standing there, I heard the front door open and when I looked out, our frend Kevin was walking down the hall and I remembered that he said he was going to be in the area.  My heart sank beause I really wanted to go back to sleep, but I greeted him and invited him to come in and take a nap with us.  He went outside to the back yard andI got back into the recliner again, waiting for him to return, but he never did.  I saw that the back door had not been opened and I realized that I had dreamed the whole thing.  The experience had been so real that I even texted him to ask if he had come to our house.

I wonder if I sleep walked or if I dreamed I was walking in my sleep.  I also realized that my text would come to Kevin anonymously, since I'd never texted before and didn't dentify myself, so he must have thought someone was really nuts to write anonymously to ask if he had been in their house.

Sometime around 3 a.m., our Comcast went off and now, at 9:15 it is still off and Comcast is telling me it will be back on within 3 hours. I am not hopeful.

Oh well--I have no way aof finding out what #45 did terrible today, so I expect it will be a good day.  I saw a photo on Facebook yesterday of a gas station that posted a sign "gas free if Trump doesn't say anything stupid today."  I figure that was a fairly safe offer.



A Harry Potter Halloween in Santa Barbara

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