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24 March, 2018

I am writing this for me and don't expect anybody to follow it, but I want to record how my morning has gone.

There is an iPhone app called "Calm" that sounded like a good deal.

Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Start your journey to a calmer mind with the app that’s trusted by millions and featured in the New York Times.

Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced meditators and gurus.

The idea of listening to a waterfall or lapping waves or something else soothing sounded really nice and the thought that it might help me sleep was even better.

I had not tried it yet, though. Last night I decided to give it a try and clicked on it. I immediately got a message saying "You have activated your 7 day trial. If you do not cancel in 7 days your Apple account will be charged $57 for the first year." WHAAAT? What had I missed? I immediately tried to cancel the app but didn't think I'd done it. I removed it from my phone, hoping that and the cancelation would solve the problem.

This morning I received a receipt from Apple telling me that in 7 days my Apple account would be charged $57 and if I wanted to change the order, I should click on this link that would take me to iTunes.

First, McAfee wants me to buy their expensive software and several times a day, their ad pops up on my screen and I close it. Today it covered iTunes and would. not. let. me. get. to. iTunes. I would close it, iTunes would pop up and then the McAfee would cover it again. This took a long time to finally get past

It takes forever for iTunes to load on my computer but it eventually did and asked me to log in. I logged in. It told me that my password was invalid. I was pretty sure that was not right, but clicked on "forgot my password" and changed it. I went to log in with the newly changed password and was told it was the wrong password.

Now part of the problem is my damn server. When we first joined Davis Community Network, which we have belonged to for many years and which I otherwise like very much, our address was After a couple of years it was shortened to and both addresses would work. So some of the things I log into are for one address, the later ones are for the other. Apparently I have two iTunes accounts one for and one for @dcn. I ended up changing BOTH passwords and at some point I actually logged in (don't remember on which account), but when I accessed the iTunes store, I only got music options. So I clicked on "Account" to see what else I could find and when it tried to link to "account" I had to log in again and once more both addresses had invalid passwords.

I responded to the e-mail I had received but of course that is a "" address, so that got me nowhere. The email ended with "For answers to frequently asked questions, visit Apple Support." The link was bad.

I got to the main Apple page and clicked on customer support. It took me to a page where I could type in my problem, but I had to choose my device and it does not know that I have an iPhone and there is no place where I could choose to add a device. At this point I decided to give up for now.

Jeri was convinced she could solve my problem, but in the end didn't have time.  She did point me to a comment on Facebook which gave step by step instructions and said that would solve my problem.  I did that.  I said I forgot my account name and it told me it was and after that I clicked on "take me to my account..." and it took me to the sign in page for and I was right back where I started from.

I'm still trying. 'Calm' has left me more agitated than any other app I have ever seen. But I have 6 more days to figure it out.



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