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29 June, 2018

As I was sitting in the theater last night, I had the crazy thought that I could get into the car unaided.  For the past several weeks, I have to have someone lift my legs and get me into the car but, actually, since I went off the Atorvastin, I am feeling stronger.  It's a strange feeling.  It's not that the symptoms have disappeared.  The coffee pot still feels too heavy, it still takes several tries (and my cane) to get me out of a chair, but the biggest change is that I no longer have a pounding heart from walking across a room...or from those tries to get myself out of a chair.  When I wake up I feel stronger--until I stand up--but I can feel that things are changing.

Yesterday, when I was pouring myself a glass of water, I put one foot on a step stool next to the water cooler.  This may seem like an inconsequential thing, but it was huge to me  So huge that when we went to get into the car, I decided to do it unaided.  But I could not get my leg up high enough and Walt still had to help me.  (at least I am getting it down to a science now!)

But it didn't take me long to stand up after the show (it was easier than it has been) and I decided to give it the college try to get into the car on the way home.  And I almost made it.  I couldn't get my leg up the last inch and Walt still had to help.

Today is another day.  Tonight is another play and another chance to see about getting my leg into the car.

But I can feel it is working, which is a huge relief.  I am supposed to schedule a lunch with Kathy and another with Char (who feels cheated that I went to Fentons without her) and I can't schedule either lunch until I can get myself into the car and feel comfortable that I can move my foot from the gas pedal to the brake easily. I can't feel that I am safe to be on the road behind the wheel of the car.

The play was Mary Stuart, about the last days of Mary Queen of Scots.

When I was in grammar school, I read a book about Mary, which was very complimentary, as you would expect in a Catholic school.  I had this romanticized view of Mary and didn't realize until long past adulthood that she was also known as "Bloody Mary" for the number of protestants she had murdered.

However this play is the Mary of my grammar school memory and her final visits with Elizabeth and the sparks that fly between them.  It was an excellent play, excellently acted.

The thing I remember most about Mary and Elizabeth was my surprise at discovering their tombs together in the Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey.

I wonder how the two of them would feel about that, if they knew.  Mary was originally buried in Scotland, but her son James VI of Scotland (later James I of England), had her body moved to Westminster.  Across the hall from their tombs is the tomb of the two sisters' father, Henry VIII.

This was the first play in the Davis Shakespeare Festival summer series. The second show, On the 20th Century is tonight (odd that neither of them is Shakespeare).  I plan to try again to get my leg in the car tonight.  Wish me luck.

If you are on Facebook and have not already seen it, you MUST check out Jon Stewart's comments on Colbert last night....God how I miss him!!!


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