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18 June, 2018

The activity for Saturday was a 50/40 party.  Marta's 50th birthday and her sister's 40th.  It was an all-afternoon party starting at 3.  Lots of little kids would be there with activities and face-painting in the early hours.

Walt and I got there around 4:30.  I should mention that I've been having problem with my legs lately.  For some reason, I can't lift them as high as I used to.  I can't, for example, lift my leg up to put it in the leg of pants, but have to sit down to put on pants most time. In the last week or so, I've had trouble getting my legs in the car.  I can usually (but not always) get the first leg in (depending on which side of the car I'm riding) but have to struggle to get the second leg.  If I'm riding with Walt he can help me lift the spare leg in; if I'm alone it's more tricky, but I've discovered that using my cane, turning it upside down, hooking my leg and literally lifting it into the car works.

Walt dropped me off at the house and went to park the car.  I went to go into the house, realized that the step up was higher than normal, missed the step, staggered and found myself flat on my back with a resounding 'bonk' as my head hit the concrete.

If nothing else, I know how to make a memorable entrance!  As when I fell at the Paul Picnic, everyone was so solicitous.  Ned and someone else managed to get me on my feet and into the house and settled on a couch with instructions to NOT MOVE.  As there was a head wound, there was lots of bleeding, but with pressure and a cold cloth, it stopped quickly.

From my perch, I got to take in the oversized pictures of baby Alexis and baby Marta.

I didn't get to see the buffet table because nobody would let me stand up, but Ned did bring me a plate so I could get a little of everything.

When dinner time came around, Ned carefully guided me out to the back yard, where he had set up a chair for me and then brought me some tacos, so I could listen to the music that was about to be performed.

Everyone kept asking me how my head was.  The bleeding had stopped and I really was in no pain whatsoever.

We were pleased that our Piņata friend Kevin showed up.

A breeze came up and it was darn cold, so we moved inside to have birthday cake.

Then Walt and I left to come home.  Ned made sure I didn't trip going out the door and held me up while Walt got the car.  I really felt fine, if a bit shaky.

When I fell at the picnic, I expected to wake up very sore for the assault on my body but it was fine.  I more or less expected the "morning after" of this fall to be the same, but when I went to get out of the recliner (I didn't want to chance sleeping on the couch) I had a huge jolt of pain in my right knee.  I could barely walk.  I managed to stumble to the bathroom, hanging onto walls and furniture, but lemme tell you, trying to get UP off the toilet was an almost impossible task.  Walt was at Mass when I woke up and I thought I would have to sit there for an hour until he got home, but I did finally manage to get up.

I grabbed my cane and hobbled painfully back to the recliner which is where, I have spent 90% of today.  Ned came and helped set me up with a way to recharge all of my electronics, made sure I had water and ibuprofen at hand and told me not t get up for anything except to go to the bathroom (it's still very difficult to stand up, but I've managed to find a way to do it with medium pain).  I watched hours of NCIS-LA and even the movie Coco, which I found on Netflix and have been meaning to watch (that was good for half a box of kleenex!)

I decided to take a chance and come in to my desktop to write this entry, and I'm not 100% certain I'll be able to get up, but Walt has gone to bed, leaving his phone on in case I need to call for help.  Of course my cell phone is in the other room, so that might not help.

And yes, I will be seeing the doctor this week!!!


Is this sufficiently pathetic?
ice pack, coffee, power bar to plug in iPhone and iPad, cane,
and the pink, barely visible, is the pillow for my neck.
All I need but a port-o-potty

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