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7 July, 2018

Walt's brother Norm and wife Olivia were driving down today, so we had the day to spend some time with the grandkids and later with Tom and Laurel.

We relaxed around the house until around noon, when it was time to pick Bri up from math camp (which she loves).  She got to pick where she wanted to eat, and she chose iHOP.

While we waited for our food, Brianna decided if she could lick strawberry syrup off of her nose.

(she couldn't!)

Lunch was delicious and I was amazed that Brianna, who is not noted for eating well, ate all of her food.

We brought her home, and then we went to the open house at Lacie's cooking camp.  She fed us yogurt with fruit she had cut up and some fried chicken fingers.  We returned to the house, dropped the kids off (Tom was there) and then we went home to take a nap while Tom took Bri to a softball practice (in the 100+ degree heat!!!).  During that time, Norm and Olivia arrived.  Everyone went to Costco to buy food for tomorrow's barbeque.  I stayed home in my lovely chair.

The plan was to go back to Tom's for dinner and "family movie night."  I asked Bri which movie we were going to watch and she said "I don't know but whichever one we pick, SOMEone will pout.

(I love taking pictures of these 3 together.  I guess it's because I no longer have a sibling and the relationship among Walt and his siblings is just so beautiful to me.  It always has been)

We sat around visiting while Tom brought us crudités....and then all hell broke looks.  A fire had broken out at 8:40 and it affected the area of Santa Barbara where Tom's house was, so they were evacuating everyone.  We left there within 3 minutes, I think, not even saying goodbye to Tom and Laurel, who were getting stuff together to move to a friend's house.

We came home to check the 24/7 coverage on the local TV station.

We finally called it quits and everyone went to bed.  I turned the sound off on the TV but kept the picture on to keep track of what was going on.  When I went to sleep the fire was only 5% contained but it didn't seem to be threatening Tom's area.

We had no idea if Tom would be allowed to get into his house to get all the food for the picnic.


Bri displays her trophies for soccer, softball, and karate


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