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6 July, 2018

OK.  So I lied.  I said I was going to write entries each day and post them when I got home, but in truth, I was so enjoying not having the pressure to produce every day, that I never opened my computer.  So here I am on Monday, trying to recreate what was surely one of our more unusual weekends in Santa Barbara!

Poor Walt had to do all the driving because I'm still not safe to drive, but he did it without complaint.  Much.  :)  And he has gotten very good at lifting my legs (when I can't do it) to get me on the car.

Our first stop was in Morgan Hill, where we went to 5 Guys for lunch.

I love that they give unlimited peanuts, stacked in huge boxes while you are waiting to place your order.  I also love that all of the possible toppings you might want on your burger are included in the price--so I had a cheeseburger with grilled onion and grilled mushrooms.

Then back on our "groundhog day" trip meant that our next stop would be in nearby Gilroy to pick up cherries to take to Sunday's picnic.

And then straight on till morning...or at least straight on to Santa Barbara.  I believe it was still light when we arrived.

We sat around visiting and after Joe (Alice Nan's husband) noticed how difficult it was for me to get up off a chair he insisted that I take his chair for the weekend.  His chair belonged to Walt's mother and is one of those electronic thingies that will both recline you, but more importantly LIFT YOU UP when it's time to get up.  Settled into Joe's chair with a cold compress on my knee, my cane at my side, and all of my electronic gadgets at my elbow, I was a happy camper.   I was very grateful to Joe.  It made all the difference in the world.

We called a halt to visiting somewhere around 11 and went to sleep.  Sadly, sleeping was not one of the most comfortable things in the chair (though on night #2, I slept eight uninterrupted hours!)

And no, we didn't see Tom or the family this night, but we never do on our first night.


Lacie so proud of having read Harry Potter


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