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2 July, 2018

I was never one of those people who wandered around in a stupor until they'd had their morning coffee.  I like coffee.  I drink a lot of coffee, but I didn't need the caffeine to wake me up.  I often don't even have coffee in the morning.

I've also said that I am both a morning person and a night person, the kind of person who stays up past midnight working on one project or another, and then bounds out of bed at 6 or 7 raring to go.

But lately that has not been the case.  I discover it takes me some time to "come to" when I wake up, and often "coming to" involves going back to sleep.  While 6 a.m. has been my standard morning wake-up time for many years it is now closer to 9 or 10 and Walt may have made a pot of coffee and fed the dog (bless him), put away the dishes from the night before and has half the paper read before I let the world know I'm ready to face it.

This morning, I stumbled out of my recliner and groggily hobbled to the bathroom and when Walt met me at the kitchen afterwards it was with (it seemed) a barrage of things he was eager to tell me.  I just growled at him that I'd only been up 2 minutes and needed my coffee first.

This is such a strange "me" I hardly know her.  But I guess she's the older version of "me" that I'm comfortable with.  Let me have a cup of coffee (even reheated) and I slowly start to come back to life and be fit for polite society.

I'm also not the person, as a general rule, who takes a whole day to binge watch something on TV.  There were a few notable exceptions.  With all the hype about the upcoming finale to The Sopranos I decided to be up to speed on it, and so watched all six seasons of it over about 3 days.  Walt, who rarely uses any bad language, started coming home and asking me "what the f**k was going on."  But by the time the last episode aired, I was up to speed and ready for it (if I had known how it was going to end, maybe I wouldn't have bothered!)

I also binge watched Breaking Bad, which Ned raved about every week and I finally decided I wanted to see what it was about.  That was a binge worth watching.  All five seasons, and Ned and I had a lot to talk about.

But as a general rule, I'm not a binge watcher.  Walt and I used to watch The Blacklist together, but he skipped one and then two and never had time to watch them.  I was waiting for him and so let several episodes go to the DVR.  Walt finally admitted he'd given up on Blacklist and so all of the recordings have just been sitting on the DVR waiting for me to watch them, which I did on Saturday.  I'm so glad I stuck with it.  You really needed to watch them in order to be ready for the final episode, which was a real shocker.  I hadn't intended to watch all 6 recorded shows in one sitting but as one episode ended I wanted to follow a plot line through to the end and before I knew it, the show was over.  Now I will understand what is going on when the next season starts.

Yesterday I started watching NCIS-LA and it was a chunk of NCIS-LA history that I don't remember watching before.  I was just going to watch one more but the cliffhanger made me watch the next one...and the next one....and before I knew it, the day was gone.

Sadly, somehow they skipped the one episode that wrapped up the particular situation I was watching, but that's OK.


Lacie with Aunt Marta

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