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11 January, 2018

Anyone hesitant about buying an Instapot should discard your nervousness and just buy it.  There is so much on the Internet re instructions, videos, and endless recipes it will take just a short time to fall in love with it.

The first thing I made was apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal.  It was, perhaps, the most delicious oatmeal I'd eaten.  There were enough leftovers for two more meals and I've made it one other time after that.  Today I moved on to a maple-walnut oatmeal and it was equally as delicious.  It's actually a healthy breakfast.  Be still my heart.

Once I tried hard boiling eggs in the Instapot, I was hooked.  I've done it a few times now and they turn out perfectly every time.  They peel beautifully. No more picking little pieces of shell off of the egg.

My turkey broth was a winner.  I haven't used the broth yet for a soup, which I will eventually (the broth is in the freezer), but the broth was delicious and Walt loved the vegetables that I cooked with the bones and ate them for lunch.  (and I ground up the "garbage" part of the broth I cooked, after removing all the bones, and Polly has been loving having it mixed in with her kibble at night.)  Best of all, the turkey bones are finally out of the freezer.

There are so many things I want to try and if I ever get caught up with my Home Chef meals, which backed up over Christmas,  I will have a good time cooking more main dish kinds of things.

Very sad, tragic news from Santa Barbara county, where the recent fires have left no vegetation to hold back water from this week's torrential rain.

To date there are 15 deaths, and the death told is expected to rise as the search continues.

One very dramatic rescue was of a teenager who was buried under mud.

Even Oprah, whose multi-million dollar home is in the Montecito hills, where most of the destruction has taken place, is not immune.  "In an Instagram post, the media mogul said she woke up to a blazing gas fire and then found shin-deep mud in her backyard."

In reading about the ongoing tragedy, I am just thankful that Tom et al. bought a house on the flatland.  It's not totally inconceivable that they could be hit, but it would have to be full scale devastation before they would be affected.


Snow on the Sahara.  Climate change?  Nahhh.....


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