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27 February, 2018

I found raspberries in the supermarket this week and, since it is Walt's favorite berry, I decided to make raspberry pastries for his birthday breakfast.  I talked the other day about the thoughts that go through my head as I am going to sleep.  All I thought about in the 5 minutes it took me to go to sleep last night was how I was going to make the pastries.

I woke up and switched from my right side to my left side to go back to sleep.  I realized that I woke up thinking about the pastries.

When my body decided that it was finished with sleeping for the night, I got up and was disappointed to discover that I was wide awake and it was only 2 a.m.  Sleep was out of the question, so I watched the new David Letterman program on Netflix.  Such a good show.  It's a one-on-one interview, once a month, with a single celebrity and what looks like a medium-sized audience.  The first interview was with Obama and it was such a delight watching those two men, both having recently lost their jobs, just sitting there chatting like there was no audience.  How lovely to hear a literate president for a change, though there was not a lot of political discussion.

This month's program was an interview with George Clooney.  What a fascinating man!  You get away from all the fawning over him for his good looks and just listen to his feelings, his appearance doesn't matter.  He talked (briefly) about becoming a father at age 56 (Letterman was 57 when his son was born), and he talked a lot about his childhood (Letterman visited his boyhood home, where his parents still live.  His father, Nick Clooney is himself a well known entertainer, in addition to being the brother of Rosemary Clooney).  Nick says their house has more photos in it than any other house, and seeing that the walls are solid with photos, as is the ceiling, I believed him.

I could go on and on, but if you have Netflix I encourage you to find this show and watch it.

The point is that all the while I was watching it, in the back of my mind I was worrying about the pastries and trying to decide what time I should make them.  I finally decided I'd start them at 5:30 because I was tired of worrying about them, which I did.  By the time they were out of the oven (looking beautiful, but obviously I was too sleep deprived to take a photo), it was late enough to make coffee and then climb back into my recliner and watch the news.  I vaguely remember the start of the Today Show and then nothing until 8:30 an hour and a half later.

Walt didn't open his cards until I woke up and we both agreed that Polly has the very best taste in cards of all of us.  I just love this card. (The paw print is Polly's official signature.

We spent a quiet day and planned to meet Ned, Marta and Marta's mother and her husband at a restaurant here in Davis to both celebrate my and Walt's birthdays and to visit with Marta's mother, whom we have not seen in many years (she lives in Hawaii).  I'm not entirely sure that I have met her husband.  I know I saw her after the death of her last husband, but I'm not sure about this one.

But there was a freak storm in Sacramento.  Ned said there was so much hail that it covered his lawn and looked like snow.  There was lightning and thunder and really a scary storm.  I can't honestly say that we had no signs of storm here, since I was napping but there is no sign that anything wet passed through our back yard--no puddles or anything, and if there was that much of a disturbance in the force, Polly would have barked.

But Marta and her mother were nervous about being out on the freeway, fearing there might be a repeat of the storm, which is definitely understandable.  And so we have rescheduled for Wednesday.  That meant I needed to come up with a "special" dinner for Walt's birthday.  Fortunately our recent Home Chef box had a steak dinner.

And, of course, in place of a birthday cake, or pie, we have our usual Haagen Daz ice cream bars to eat after dinner.

At least I made fancy pastries for breakfast!



How safe does THAT make you feel??

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