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29 IN 18

15 February, 2018

There have been 29 mass shootings (12 in schools) in this country in 2018. 
In only 45 days of the year.

Think about it:

February 14, 2018 Florida

February 13, 2018 Louisiana

February 11, 2018 Michigan

February 10, 2018 Kentucky

February 7, 2018 Florida

February 5, 2018 Colorado

February 3, 2018 Ohio

January 31, 2018 Missouri

January 28, 2018 Pennsylvania

January 28, 2018 Pennsylvania

January 28, 2018 Indiana

January 27, 2018 California

January 27, 2018 Kentucky

January 25, 2018 District of Columbia

January 23, 2018 Pennsylvania

January 23, 2018 Kentucky

January 21, 2018 Florida

January 21, 2018 Illinois

January 17, 2018 District of Columbia

January 16, 2018 South Carolina

January 15, 2018 Florida

January 14, 2018 Alabama

January 14, 2018 Alabama

January 12, 2018 Tennessee

January 11, 2018 Missouri

January 7, 2018 Florida

January 5, 2018 Mississippi

January 4, 2018 Arkansas

January 1, 2018 Alabama

What will it take for changes to be made in our gun laws?  Deporting people who have been here as responsible citizens for 40 years is NOT going to cure this problem!  Strengthening gun laws will not eliminate the problem, but it would help!  (If nothing else, it would show the country that our congress critters actually CARE about the problem and are willing to do more than just give a "moment of silence" for the victims.) There were two police officers routinely assigned to the school attacked today (the NRA solution) --- and still there are somewhere around 17 deaths and ~14 injuries.  (Obviously these stats may change as more information becomes available)

From Amy Ferris: 

17 humans who aren't walking through the door tonight, who aren't going to run into someone's arms tonight, who aren't going to give a kiss & a hug to someone they love tonight, who aren't going to be sitting at the dining room table or watching their favorite TV shows tonight, who won't be snuggling with their mother or father or sister or brother tonight, who won't be getting up to go to school tomorrow.

17 dead; 17 lives taken because bullets & guns mean more than a human life.



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