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5 December 2018

Kaiser Vacaville was very festive, with Christmas decorations everywhere.

It was less festive in the "ambulatory surgery" department, where little clumps of people waited -- the person getting surgery and the loved ones who accompanied them.

Walt's appointment was for 6 a.m., so we all got up at 4 and left the house by 5:15.  When we arrived Alice Nan and Norm were already waiting.  It was to be another family Kaiser party (they had all been together for Walt's hernia surgery and for Norm's hospitalization several years ago).

We sat around drinking coffee

until they finally called him.  As his surgery was at the start of the day we didn't have to wait as long for him to be called as we did for his hernia surgery, or as long for him to be prepped and ready for us to visit.

In fact, there was just enough time for the 4 of us to have a brief visit, 2 at a time, before he was whisked off for the procedure.

Since none of us had eaten, we went to the cafeteria for a surprisingly good breakfast and then back to wait some more.  It didn't take long before his doctor came out to let us know things had gone well and that we could see him soon.

We found him lying under a huge blanket with warm air being blown in it to keep him warm.  "I'm paralyzed" was the first thing he said.  He had spinal anesthesia and it had not started to wear off yet.  He was amazed that he could hit his leg with his hand and not feel it.

They fed him lunch.

We visited in 2s again until it was time to get discharge instructions, as the anesthesia started to wear off.  He'll have a catheter until Friday and then they will removed it and see how things go, but the doctor is convinced he is going to be fine.

Ned brought us home and I don't know if Walt slept, but I went right to sleep for a couple of hours, as I had not really slept much at all the night before.  Ned made dinner and after Jeopardy and NCIS, Walt and I both went to sleep--he decided to sleep downstairs in his recliner.  I don't know how often he woke up, but I only woke once and then slept until nearly 8 a.m.  I don't remember the last time I've had that much sleep.

He seems to be doing well.  Not in much pain, so has not required pain medication, and the blood in his urine is more diluted this morning so that's also a good sign.

The doctor seems to feel this will solve his problems and he won't need a second surgery, which is so wonderful to hear.  We may at last be at the end of this problem which has plagued him for so long!




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