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29 August 2018

Yesterday was a bad day, so this will be VERY short.

I woke up at 3 a.m., feeling fuzzy-headed.  I headed to the bathroom and thought I was going to faint.  Didn't dare walk without my walker.

I took my blood sugar and it was 36.  For those of you fortunate enough not to know about blood sugar, the normal reading is around 90.  I was diagnosed with diabetes at leas 15 years ago and my perennial problem is the numbers being too high.  When I started keeping track, they were nearly 400.

If I can get it down to 150, I figure I am doing pretty good.

Once in a GREAT while it may be 70 or something, but never ever as low as 36.  That's fainting and calling 911 territory.  Fortunately I didn't faint,

But I tracked my sugar so often that my fingers look like they've been in a battle (see photo of the day)  There was no way I could sit at the computer. In fact, I didn't even check e-mail except on the iPad.

Ned came by and he, too, was having a bad day so decided not to stay.

Walt was having minor difficulties with his catheter.  He, at least was able to cook dinner. I was not.

Anyway, I spent the day in the recliner and will regale you with more health tales tomorrow (butt, nerves, etc.) but I dragged myself in here on compulsion and now am going to head to Sacramento to see the neurologist.




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