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28 August 2018

Many years ago, on our first visit to Ireland, we took the whole family and we stayed with Walt's mother's cousin, Nora, in a suburb of Dublin.   We fell in love with Ireland.  I loved how lush and green everything was.  Nora told us that when you could see the mountains from her house it meant that it was going to rain, and when you could not, it meant that it was raining.  We didn't find that it rained that much but that did explain the beautiful green hills and lush vegetation we saw everywhere.

We visited Ireland several times over the years and found the same green every time and I loved it.

Nora always wanted to come to the US, but couldn't afford it until a relative died and she inherited some money.  I think she came over here twice, the last time for Alice Nan's wedding

On her first visit, we gave her the grand tour and I still remember her reaction as we drove from Davis to San Francisco.

There is a spot that is m favorite part to drive through in the spring time.  For a week or  two after  the rains come, it is beautifully lush green, and in some places there are wildflowers, but eventually the grass grows long, the rains stop and the grass loses its green.  It remains "dead" for the rest of the year, suited only as fodder for grazing cattle.

As we drove through this section in the summertime, Nora was ecstatic to see California's "golden hills" and raved about them over and over again.  "I get so tired of green in Ireland!" she said more than once.

It gave me a different perspective on our "dead" grass and the yellow hills that I always thought so unpleasant and waited for the rain to come.

Nora would not be so excited right now.  With our multiple medical problems, Walt and I have not been anywhere but Kaiser for the past few weeks, but we drove down to Pleasanton (across the Bay from San Francisco) on Sunday and it was a shock to see all the black from the fires.

I didn't have my camera out to get the worst of it, but so many hills looked like this

It's shocking to drive through hills you know so well and see them totally black.

Down in Pleasanton there were large hills totally black; no yellow at all.  I am hoping that all this carbon in the soil will result in some luxurious green when the rains come, if ever..



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