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23 August 2018

"We call it our coma chair 'cause it’s so comfy we fall asleep every time we sit in it!," wrote my cousin Donna when she saw this picture I posted on Facebook.

Yes, THE CHAIR has arrived and yes, it does everything I hoped it would.  Ned checked it out to make sure it was exactly  what it should be.

For one thing, the upholstery is smooth and the padding is so thick than when I sit down, my injured butt doesn't hurt.  That's a reason for keeping it to begin with.  I couldn't believe it when I first sat on it.  The pain twinged a bit and then disappeared.

But also, the foot rest goes up very high and the back can lay almost flat, so it's possible to get my feet almost above my head, which my doctor recommended for the edema (which seems to be subsiding).

But mostly it is so comfortable.  I had the best sleep of my recent life last night and woke refreshed, for a change.  I didn't hurt once and so was able to sleep a deep sleep.  What a different feeling waking up!

Actually it was my second sleep of the day.  Shortly after Ned left, Walt was at work and I decided to try to take a nap.  I tried for about, I think, 5 minutes and woke up nearly 2 hours later.

It was a good day all around.  I didn't have to go to Kaiser after all, as Ned got here early and decided to go to Kaiser for me first.  The LaZEEboy people said they would come between 10 and 12 and could call first.  They apparently called at 9;55 and were here a couple of minutes later.

Within ten minutes, the chair was in, the delivery man gone, and I was in the chair enjoying being without pain!

I enjoyed the chair so much that I really didn't get out of it until time to cook dinner.  I can check e-mail at my chair and had no project I was working on for which I needed to be in my office

Ned is continuing the house clean out.  He's tackling that perennial problem -- photos.  Oh my lord, we have our photos, my mother's photos, Walt's mother's photos, my father's photos and if Paul or David had photos, we have those too.  Ned is also buried in photos.  What do you do with them all?  Right now he's just going through them all and discovering gems like this:

This was taken in Old Sacramento in 1981 when our very first foreign visitor, Eduardo from Brasil, was living with us for five months or so.  (Ned went on to fly to Rio de Janeiro to live for a year with Eduardo and his family.)

He also found a photo of me with Santa that I have been looking for every year at Christmas time and if I don't lose it again, I will use for some time in December.

He also found the certificate for an honorary title to 1/10 of prime tropical habitat in Costa Rica, a 1993 birthday gift from my friend Ann Mac Nab.  Sadly, it doesn't say where my land is, but it's part of the Ecosystem Survival Plan.

Cleaning out like this is always a voyage of discovery and in the end, things rarely change and you're s till left with more photos than you can possible do anything with, but can't throw those memories away.



Stephen Calegari and me, age 5 and 13
(Easter and Halloween)


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