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22 August 2018

Last night was horrible.  I didn't fall asleep until nearly 7 and woke up about 9:15 (why you have the TV on all night--the sound of familiar programs tells you what time it is!). I was so sleepy all night but the damn butt lesion just would not let me sleep.  As soon as I would find an almost comfortable position, it would start throbbing again.  I can see and feel that it is getting better slowly, but much too slowly.  I have another nurse appointment to have it checked again this week.

But that wasn't helpful to the tears I shed because I was so tired all night.

In the late morning Walt took me to Kaiser for my weekly blood test (still have no Kaiser e-mail, so I don't know the results) and when we got back I decided I just had to try going to sleep on the couch.

Walt helped me get my feet onto the couch (since I can't lift them up that far) but once I was there on the couch, with my back neatly snuggled against the back, I was asleep in minutes and slept for nearly 2 hours.  I woke up feeling so good!  I can't remember when I last had pain-free nap.  I had to call for Walt to help me get off the couch, but as long as he is around, I may try taking more naps on the couch.

The new recliner arrives today.  It is much softer and has more settings than the one I'm using and I'm hoping that it will be easier to sleep in while I wait to have a normal butt again.

I had three and a half victories today.  I was able to get my left foot into the car unaided three times.  The fourth  time I got it half up and Walt needed to nudge it the rest of the day.  We don't even talk abut the right food.  But I am pleased at the "progress" with the left foot.

We also tried the new thing we've figured out at Music Circus tonight.  It was like last week--the knees didn't want to work, so I didn't try standing up until the standing ovation at the end, and then I had Walt press the lower 1/3 of my back rather than try to lift me up and magically that seems to work.  It is not easy, but with help from me I can actually stand up and don't need the help of half the audience to do it.

We were seeing Little Shop of Horrors and though, contemplating having to move in and ot of the theater, I had considered not going, I'm so glad I did.  We've seen that show several times and I always enjoy it.

For those who don't know, it's the story of a nerdy florist shop worker, Seymour Krelborn, who likes odd plants and finds this plant he calls Audrey 2 (because his co-worker, with whom he is infatuated, is named Audrey).  It turns out the plant grows to enormous size and will only eat blood -- when it gets to a certain size, it is able to speak and demand blood, which causes Seymour to cross over to the dark side in order to keep the plant alive.

I've seen all sorts of variations of the plant, but the one tonight by local area puppeteer, Richard Bay, whose work we have watched for about 30 years or more in various school thing and other theatrical pieces, was the best one.  Huge and terrifying.

The show also has personal meaning for us since Paul and Audra sang the duet "Suddenly Seymour" at their wedding.

I had hoped there would be no trips to Kaiser today, but the doctor who is filling in for my doctor, who is on vacation, called to tell me to stop taking the medicine she prescribed for my UTI and that he had called in  new prescription, which must be picked up at the pharmacy.  Owell.  A day without Kaiser seems....just not right, somehow!



Little Shop of Horrors


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