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21 August 2018

Ned showed up early today.  He had to get his driver's license renewed before his birthday, at the end of the week.  Ordinarily he could do it by mail, but he's over 50 now and has not had an eye exam in many years (also, his drivers license photo shows him with brown hair and his hair is mostly white now!)

He tried to make an appointment, but the earliest they had was 3 months after his birthday.  He tried to go the Sacramento DMV and got there early in the morning, but the line was already around the building.  So he decided to try coming to Davis.  It still took him 3 hours, but came prepared with a iPad and movies to watch.  He did eventually get it done and will continue to be a legal driver after he ages a year.

He had made arrangements with me to go to Atria, visit my mother and for me to have another shower.  It was way too early, though so he set himself to gathering more "stuff" from upstairs into our staging area, the living room.  He has decided we will have a garage sale at the end of September and based on how things are going, we'll have a lot of things for sale.  Mostly we just want it all gone.  The things he is unearthing are amazing, like all of the school books for one of the students who lived with us during high school.  He is now a father with children who are going to college, so I think it's OK to toss his school books!

Around noon, it was time to head to Atria.  Ned had brought my traveling "spa bag" and we loaded up the car.  I had a big triumph yesterday in that on one of my trips in the car, I was able to get one foot in the car, unaided.  No such luck today, though I did get it halfway up so Ned just had to give it a nudge to get it into the car.

Ned left me off at the door to Atria while he went searching for parking.  I set off down the long hallway to the memory unit.

(This was actually taken on the way out.  That door in the distance is the memory unit and Ned is standing bout the halfway point to the front door...this forces me to make this bit of exercise!)

The aides told us my mother was at lunch, but we didn't see her, but we went to her apartment anyway.  Ned set me up in the bathroom for my shower and I'm finally learning how to shower in that little space without washing the entire floor and some of the halls with an uncooperative hand held water sprayer.

While I was showering, Ned found my mother and they were visiting when I surprised her by coming in, with wet hair and no shoes yet, from the bathroom. 

I think I briefly helped her understand why I'm not there all the time, as she would like.  I told her I can no longer drive and that I needed to have someone bring me.  I'm sure she forgot it right away, but at least at the moment she seemed to understand.

She was in good spirits.  In the old days, my mother was the social one who had difficulty with silences.  It sometimes drove me nuts when we took her to Santa Barbara, a 6-8 hour drive because she never went to sleep and just kept a conversation going, whether we wanted to or not.  She was not up for listening to music.  We needed to talk.

She still needs to talk, but now doesn't make any sense, but Ned is particularly great at getting into whatever world she is in and repeating any words she makes up, as if they were perfectly good words.

I showed her a cute picture of Jeri and Lacie and she said she guessed she had never met either of them.  I always thought that Jeri would be the last person she would forget, but whether she knows her or not depends on the day.  This was not one of those days.

We stayed around 2 hours and then headed on home so Ned could try to get on the road for Sacramento before the traffic got impossible.  I'm all clean, my mother has been visited and Ned will take tomorrow off.  Life is good.


Ned tries to convince grandma that he really has been married
for 26 years and is not in the market for a girlfriend.


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