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15-16 August 2018

Yes, I'm doing it again.  Things have been so topsy turvy this week it is easier to blend two days together because, in truth, that's how they are starting to seem.

When we last met, we were returning my mother to Atria after our hours at the ER.  She's on meds for her UTI and I hope that will keep her in line for awhile.

My doctor had asked me to come in in the morning for a fasting blood test.  I was cooking dinner at 7 when I realized that if I ate dinner, I would not be fasting in the morning, so my last "meal" of the day was a small bowl of nachos that I made in the early afternoon.  I so rarely skip dinner (or eat only a tiny one) that skipping a meal was not really a big deal.

I can't remember if I took an Advil PM or not.  I hope I did not because I slept pretty well and I'd like to think my body was able to do it without drugs.  I also lowered the head of the recliner as far as it would go which essentially stretched me out flat and that was very good.  My butt sore is just starting to very slightly feel better, so I was able to make it through the night stretched out without a stinging pain waking me up.

I slept so soundly that Walt had to wake me up and within 20 minutes we were in the car on our way to our first trip to Kaiser.  I wanted to get the blood work done right away (also the urine test, since I hadn't been to the bathroom yet!)

Things went smoothly and they were even able to get into vein this time (last time they had to try 3 different spots before they found one willing to give up its precious bodily fluid!)

From Kaiser we went to Black Bear Diner for breakfast.  Walt meets other retirees there one day a month.  There are fewer and fewer of them, as death and disability prevent them from attending.  He says sometime he's the only one there.

This time Ed joined us, fortunately someone I know as well as I know any of Walt's co-workers.  I checked the menu and was tempted by the sausage and biscuits.  I had them for  the very first time when I was in Iowa helping Peach start chemotherapy and I have been thinking about them in the interim years and decided to reward my fasting last night by having them today.

What a disappointment.  The sausages were lukewarm.  Gravy was OK but the biscuits were not in the least flaky, but so chewy you had to cut them with a knife and then so hard I could barely chew the edges. I didn't finish my plate.  If nothing else, it ruined my good memories of Iowa and I won't be tempted again.

From the diner we went back to Kaiser for my nurse appointment.  They were going to check my butt lesion, which is healing.  It has also been photographed for my file.  I'm a butt model!

My doctor stopped by briefly and noted that my edema seems less, which is a good thing.  She did not mention the results of my echocardiogram.

Next we went to the eye department to pick up my new glasses which are exactly the same as my old glasses, except for slightly stronger.

I was ready for a nap when we got home, but Ned was here, ready to go to LaZboy to look at new recliners.  Walt was going off to work for the afternoon.

We found the perfect chair but the salesman wouldn't let me take a nap in it.  However, I bought it and it will be delivered next week.  The one our friends loaned me has been great, but had a few shortcomings.  This one is perfect and answered all of Ned's concerns for what I need.  It will be delivered next week.  Walt has already torn up my old recliner that I've been sitting in for the past 20+ years.  I didn't even get to say goodbye!

Tomorrow I have NO appointments (unless something else goes wrong).  Walt still has 2 doctor appointments and Ned will go with him, but I will stay home and try to get some stuff I haven't had time to do done.

I'm supposed to see the nurse again in 2 weeks and at some point I will have the results of both my electrocardiogram and today's blood work.  But that takes having access to my Kaiser account and my latest call to tech help was as unhelpful as my previously ones have been.  If all goes well I SHOULD get a temporary password tomorrow.  I'm not holding my breath.



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