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8 August 2018

So Walt went to the Urologist yesterday but they made the appontment wrong.  He was supposed to come in the morning to have the catheter removed and then return in the afternoon to check to see how his bladder has handled not having a catheter.  They had to reschedule so he's now due for his appointment next week.

I didn't get to my blood draw either since it was so late by the time he got back from Kaiser I decided to just wait until today to get it done.  Today Walt is working and when he gets home we will get the blood draw done.  I sure hope the numbers go down this week, though I have no visible signs of improvement.  I think I'm just getting used to dealing with non-functioning limbs, and if it's up to Ned, I will be getting all the exercise I can stand to make things better.

*  *  *  *

I took one of those tests on Facebook today, checking which words I used most often in 2018.  The results are not surprising, but nonetheless depressing.

It's depressing when I realize that I try very hard NOT to use the word "Trump" but to use "#45" instead.  They don't count numbers, I guess.  It would be interesting to see how this changes if "#45" is included in the tally.  or not.  It would obviously be even more depressing!

 *  *  *  *

Last night I asked Walt how he would feel about Chinese food.

"If  you want to cook it, I'll eat it," he responded, gracefully.

Then I told him that I meant how would he feel about going out to BUY some Chinese food to bring home, which he also did just as gracefully.  I can cook Chinese food, but it just nevertastes as good as that from a restaurant that speciaizes in it.  And it was worth it -- Chow mein, fried rice, chicken with mushrooms, and honey walnut shrimp.  Probably enough to put the hair of any native Chinese person on edge, but it sure tasted delicious, and just what the doctor ordered.

*  *  *  *

I have finished the random journal I was making for Swap Bot.  T his swap was ridiculous, since the date to sign up was September 30 and your books have to be sent by October 13.  The swap was posted in June, I believe.  I started working on it when I got inspired an I actually finished it a week ago, and still don't know who my partner is.  But I sure had fun working on it.  It's also twice as long as it was supposed to be (it's about 80 pages long)

This was one of my favorite pages.  The opposite page has pictures from Bloodsource, offering donors free movie tickets for donating.  But it seemed rather plain to me until  figured out that the used blood test strips might make an interesting decorating and I was  tickled at how they looked across the flyer here.

This was also fun to do, with paper dolls for Nelson Mandella, Berne Sanders, the Dalai Lama and the Supreme Court.

And I really liked this page

It's all related to reading and I found the baby in a Parenting magazine I found at Kaiser

Now that this book is finished, I have started on the next, due September 7.  At least this time I already know who my partner is, unlike the previous swap.



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