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4 August 2018

I'm back!  Didja miss me?  Nothing had really happened the day before except that Walt went to see his doctor in the morning, and learned that everything seemed fine and his instructions were good.  Then in the afternoon, Ned took him to his surgeon appointment and he will have hernia surgery next month.  The doctor appointment was here in Davis, so he was able to drive himself, but I was glad Ned was available to drive him to the surgeon's office.  Also just kind of  ... I dunno ... heartwarming to see Ned taking care of his Dad.

Yesterday, continuing our tour of doctors' offices, it was my turn to go to the eye doctor in Sacramento (about the same distance from Davis in the opposite direction from the surgeon's office.  Walt drove, so I guess he really could have driven to the surgeon's office too, but it was nice to have Ned to ask questions Walt might forget to ask.

Anyway, this was my annual exam. I actually never got around to it last year.  With diabetes, I'm supposed to have an eye exam yearly and I figured I could use a stronger prescription by now.

I was first seen by the doctor's assistant, a recent graduate who seemed very efficient and very thorough, though she skipped the classes on patient interaction.  She always spoke to me with her back  turned and in a very low voice.  I had forgotten to wear my hearing aids.  You'd think that after 2 or 3...or 5 or 6....requests to repeat what she aid she would automatically speak louder, but she never did.

Equipment is different from 2 years ago.  Instead of going through endless "this or that" lenses, she picked out2, did a this or that and that was it.  She also spent a lot of time on the computer getting all of her observations recorded.  While she did that, I was looking at the eye chart, seeing how many words I could make out of the visible letters!

The doctor came in, checked his assistant's notes, did a cursory exam, happily said that my eyes show that my blood sugar is in good control and wrote me a "tweaked" prescription for glasses.

Next off to optometry to get glasses.  There will be no surprise when they come...I am getting exactly the same frames.  I had my choice of what I have now (blue) or in brown.  I am not a big fan of brown, so I went with what I have now.  There was a similar pair that had kind of a pattern on it, which I kind of liked, but not $70 more worth.  The woman helping me was sharply efficient and looked like she was suckng a lemon the whole time.  But the order got made and they will be delivered to the Davis office.

Then came the fun.

I have been watching Red Lobster commercials for their crab fest, which is going on now.  I know there is a Red Lobster near Kaiser ('cause I've eaten there several times when I was indulging myself!).  I convinced Walt we should go there for lunch.

In truth, the prices have increased significantly from last time I indulged myself, but oh so good!  I had the crabfest combo (the middle picture) and gave some of the legs to Walt, who ordered crab linguini.  We both ate more than our fill and were able to bring home enough leftovers for dinner tonight, so all things considered, the prices weren't all that bad.

I actually ate more than I thought I could. What I like about the combo is that is has lots of Dungeness crab, along with that delicious Alaskan King crab.

I left a very happy camper.

We both came home and took naps, getting up in time for the evening's show, The Twelve Huntsmen by Acme Theater Company, Davis' oldest theater company.  Jeri was one of the founders, around 35 years ago.  This show was written by an Acme alum who graduated in 2002 and directed by a woman who had been in Acme with Jeri and now works in theater in New York.  (When she came to meet me at intermission and I saw this middle aged woman with more grey hair than I have, I realized how old Jeri really is....she she has no visible grey hair and of course is still our "little girl.")

Anyway, it was a nice, full day.  Everybody is healthy, and we will have crab for dinner tonight!  Best of all, I had a good night's sleep.


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