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13 April, 2018

Happy Friday the 13th, all.  I wouldn't even have thought of it if someone hadn't mentioned it on TV.

Yesterday was not an unlucky day; it was definitely a lucky day.

I was very lucky that Walt came in at about 11:15 and asked me what shows we are seeing this weekend.  I looked at the calendar and read the name of the three shows we were seeing and then realized I was looking at the shows for next week.

So I turned the calendar back to this week -- it was now 11:22 -- and saw that I had a lunch date with my friend Kathy (whom I meet at 11:30).  We have been doing these monthly lunches for about 20 years now and this may be the VERY FIRST TIME that neither of us emailed the other to verify that we were actually getting together.

I quickly called her and she said she was just getting off the freeway in Davis, so I rushed to the restaurant and got there not really very long after 11:30 (fortunately this is a small town).  It was a nice lunch without a lot of angst or trauma this time.  Oh there was angst and there was trauma and there is always the president, but overall it was a fairly unemotional lunch.

I had been snacking before I left home, so I really wasn't very hungry so instead of ordering a "meal" I ordered a Cajun shrimp appetizer, which was delicious and just the right size.  I was actually able to finish the whole thing.

Of course when I got home Walt was disappointed because I usually have so much food left over I bring it home to him for lunch, and he had postponed having lunch because he was waiting for my leftovers.  Sorry.  I ate every single bite.

I was watching Polly last night as she chewed on a lamb bone Walt had given her and realized that, with Lizzie gone, she has created an "apartment" for herself.  The bed on the left has become her sleeping place, with a blanket she brought into it.  The one on the right is her "dining room," where she brings food to either eat or "bury" in the seam of the outside lip of the bed. 

Watching her trying to dig out a rawhide treat is so funny--she gets hysterical if she can't get it out and Walt had to help her.  Not sure why she brought the dishtowel into her dining room...maybe a table cloth?

I was saddened today to read of the death of Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, from breast cancer, at age 84.  Whenever I have a Sunday Stealing or other question about personal heroes, she is often on my list.  She is that marvelous woman in Kenya who established the David Sheldrick Charitable Trust (to honor her late husband) which rescues orphan elephants and raises them to be able to return them to the wild when they are old enough.  I can't begin to think of the number of babies she has saved.  What a wonderful legacy.  Fortunately, her daughter will continue her work


Dame Daphne Sheldrick

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