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4 April, 2018

We spent the early afternoon in Davis/Vacaville, the later afternoon in Boston, and were back home in time for dinner.  Busy day!

It may look like my mother is laid out on "Ducky's" exam table, but actually, she is getting a bone density exam.  She didn't have a clue where she was or what she was doing, but this was a good day and she just went wherever I pushed her.

I noticed when I picked her up that there seem to be a lot of empty rooms in the memory room right now.  Even Tony's room no longer has a name on it, so it maybe that the budding romance is over.  But since she never realized there was a romance, I'm sure she doesn't know.

From Kaiser in Vacaville, we went to Kaiser in Davis, where we finally picked up her new glasses.  These are actually quite pretty and there is a hint of purple along the ear pieces.  We picked them up on the right day because she didn't know where her other glasses were, so I figure she now has a pair to wear and a pair to lose.

I wonder how long it's going to take before she loses both...  (It's inevitable)

Before we left Kaiser/Davis, I stopped at the lab and got the blood work that my doctor ordered for me a month or so finally done.  I keep finding excuses not to make the drive out there -- it's not that I hate blood tests.  Heck, I almost enjoy them but it's driving all. that. way (2 miles?) just to have blood drawn.

We were home for about an hour before it was time to turn our computers to the Berklee College of Music streaming web site so we could watch  this year's Curtain Up 18, theater music that the kids had written and orchestrated that were being performed for an audience. This year each piece of music had a videotaped introduction by the writer.

Then the piece was performed, everything from serious themed pieces

to fun, jazzy numbers

At first I was afraid we were going to miss it entirely because they had video problems for the first 15-20 minutes.  I gave up, but fortunately Walt did not and when it finally came on, he let me know so I could see the rest of the show.

At the end of the show, Jeri came on stage to thank everyone and give a plug for a fund drive to help fund the show next year.

And having played in orchestras for so many years herself, she is aware of the fact that musicians are often not given their due, so she made sure to post a list of the orchestra and to name every single one of them....not an easy feat since they seem to be from many different countries with difficult-to-pronounce names.

Good Jeri!

I sure love streaming video!  How else could we be a part of Jeri's life, 3000 miles away!


This guy has looked like this since St. Patrick's Day


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