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30 Sept 2016

Today was the big day:  Jeri was coming!  Her plane arrived in Los Angeles around 5:30, so Walt and Alice Nan planned to drive down to get her.  I opted out, and am glad I did since, with rush hour traffic, it took them more than 3 hours to get there (without the traffic, only 2 to get back to Santa Barbara).

I had a wonderful time.  I hadn't seen any TV news since we left Davis, since this is a "normal" household and the TV is not on 24/7 like it is at home.  I watched a couple of MSNBC talking heads, getting depressed over just about everything...but it was nice to feel "caught up" again.

Tom called to check on what I was doing and then invited me over for "family movie night."  The girls were going to watch Prince Caspian (which we will discuss in our book club meeting on Sunday)

I made a very big mistake.  I decided not to wear my hearing aids, thinking of the girls running and screaming around the house, forgetting that they rarely do that.  Three big reasons why I broke down and got the hearing aids were:

1. The volume on the TV at Tom's house is turned so low that I miss about 90% of whatever is being said, and have to rely on visual clues and lip reading.

2.  The girls talk to me in a very low voice, speaking fast, and I miss a lot of what they say.

3.  Jeri also speaks very low and very fast and I really miss about 50% of what she says to me unless I constantly ask her to repeat herself.

So those were the three reason I got the hearing aids in the first place and then decided NOT to wear them.  How stupid could I be?

The movie was starting when I got to the house and we watched it.  About 2/3 of the way in, I called up IMDB on my phone to read the summary because I was totally lost in what was going on.

The girls were being princesses, more like flower children, with flowers in their hair, curled up next to a bean bag chair watching the movie, or cuddled with Tom and Laurel on the couch.  I don't know how long "family movie night" has been going on, but probably since before Lacie was born.  What a lovely tradition!  The kids don't watch a lot of regular TV but save it for special occasions.

When it was over, Nine Lives, where Kevin Spacey, a high powered Trump-like business man get trapped in the body of a cat and has to learn how to be a human before he can be released came on.  It was cute.

The airport gang arrived during the movie and were out in the kitchen laughing it up. I wanted to join them, but also wanted to see the (predictable) end of the movie.  When it finally ended and I joined them, I discovered there was FOOD out there.  I had not had dinner and was starving, so I scarfed down a lot of bread and hummus and some salami slices.

While we were there, I took this picture of their dog, Bandit, and posted it on Facebook, saying it needed a caption.  I got several suggestions but the one I liked best was "What?  I have to wait FIVE DAYS for Funny the World?"  It's nice to be loved.  I took my computer with me to Tom's to try to use his wifi, but could see that it wasn't a good idea, so I never ever tried.  My life became much calmer once I had resigned to just post these after I get home.

We came home around 11 p.m. and Walt and his sister went right off to bed.  I stayed up until 11 finishing my book (Nellie Bly's "10 Days in an Insane Asylum") and then went to sleep myself.

Soccer tomorow!



Jeri sent this after she arrived at the airport and they stopped for dinner.

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