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14 Sept 2017

No it's not a new physical complaint.  This one has a very definite origin, and it's not physical.

My mother will often say "you know you just said four words and I didn't understand any of them."

Whenever I meet with my guru, I know what she means.

First of all, realizing that he was coming at 11 today, I canceled my lunch date with my friend Kathy...well, rescheduled it to next week.  Then Walt reminded me that my date with her was tomorrow not today.  But that's OK, we will meet on Tuesday.  I'm not sure I could take two Trump-assessments over lunch in one week anyway.

Also, given my rich lunch yesterday which left me with a small intestinal discomfort last night, and since our lunch date is at a Mexican restaurant (now that our Italian restaurant has closed), it will give my stomach a chance to build up all those Mexican muscles to handle whatever Mexican food I decide to order.

So Steve arrived on time.  I had told him that I had no internet connection and that I still had no F drive visible.  In the interim, I finally got the internet working and I only needed how to access my F Drive.

He futzed around and discovered that the drive SAW the F Drive, but didn't see any files on it.  Then he unplugged the E drive and plugged just the F drive in and there were all my files.

I'm not convinced he knew what was going on, but his guess was that the two drives didn't want to work together, as they have been doing for years.

He also talked a lot about how much free space was on my main drive and how I could copy everything over from the F drive and then just not plug it in.

I think that's what he says.  Problem is that the more he tries to let me know what's going on, the more technical his lingo left.  99% of what he said, I didn't understand.  He talked about his system, and the system he built for a friend and how cheap 2 terrabyte drives are getting, and how you could buy cheap ones or colored ones for just a bit more.

My ears were hurting.

In honesty, it almost all went over my head while I sat here pretending I was understanding all the gobbledy-gook.  Inside myself I was just screaming that he should shut up and go away.  But I appreciated that he was doing this for me for free this time.

So.  What I got out of all this is that

1. both drivers are OK now

2. I can't use them together

3. I should copy both onto the hard drive and use the external drives for back up.

As soon as he left I created an EDriveBackup file on my desktop and started backing up files.  I backed up a bunch--so many it said it would take 3 hours to copy.  It didn't take that long, but over two hours.  I watched the guide shifting files from one file to the other.  Not happy about what I was going to have to do to organize, but resigned to start organizing.

When all files had copied I opened the file.

It was empty.

I know the files copied.  I just don't know WHERE they copied but I am sure they are somewhere.

It was kind of the last straw, computer-wise.  I just couldn't handle it.

I know the files are there.  Somewhere.  I will have to go through all the files various folders and find it.  And then I have to organize my hard drive so that it is usable.  It will probably take weeks.  And I won't be happy when it's all finished anyway.

I have spent so many years organizing these hard drives so that they work like clockwork, and I knew where everything is  Now I don't know where anything is.

I spent the afternoon getting into a mindset.  I finally decided that my new about-to-be-adjusted computer problem is like adjusting the new odious administration I'm trying to adjust to.  Things will all be different, but when I get it all done maybe it will be better, but better or not, I'll learn to adjust to it.  I hope.

I don't think I can say the same thing about the administration.



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