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7 Sept 2017

I am writing this sitting in my office at my desk, on my desktop computer.  I am back, baby!  And neither external hard drive was ruined...both are as they always were.  He even got me on the Cloud, though I'm not sure I can find out how to get on it again...but I will try.  In any event all of the photos from my iPhone are supposedly synced to my Cloud account.

I think the guru was happy that I had a new office, which was easier to crawl around in to get to the cords and various things that they plugged into.

Of course, having been to his office recently, I discovered I wasn't NEARLY as conscious about clutter as I have been in the past.

I still don't understand why the desktop suddenly refused to recognize any of the USB ports and would not communicate with the printer.  He said it had something to do with the network connection, but I think I must have missed something in the explanation.  What des the network connection have to do with the USB ports?

He always asks me questions I can't answer like "what is the administrator log-in on your router?"  The router I plugged in about 20 years ago and haven't looked at since.  I was lucky I could remember the password.  He tried using my laptop to find information about the admin log-in but my laptop takes about 20 minutes to complete a simple command, so he finally found a work-around using his cell phone.

But it all got done and I am tentatively trying not to worry that it's all going to go out again...and looking at what I should be backing up for that eventuality!

After Steve left, I went off to Atria.  I hadn't been there in several days, due mostly to the heat and then waiting around to hear from Steve about when he could work on the computer.

My mother was just leaving her apartment when I arrived so we went back in to chat.  She hasn't had one of her paranoid attacks around me in so long that I kind of feel like I do typing on this computer...knowing another one is coming and wondering when it will happen.

Today is her birthday, but Walt and I are going to an all-day seminar on Alzheimers, so I can't be at Atria (though her step-son is going to stop by).  Our plan is to get together with her for lunch on Saturday.  I was going to make a cake to share with everyone, but nobody seems on the staff seems the last bit interested in the a cake or that it is her birthday and I'm now thinking maybe it would be better to take her out to Denny's or iHop or something just to get her out of there for a couple of hours. 

She, of course, doesn't understand that it's her birthday and can't remember that it is for more than a minute.

Her new question, which she asks as often as "are you going dancing tonight" is "what have you been doing exciting that you haven't told me about and that I should know."  And, of course, I haven't been doing anything, so there is nothing to tell her, but I did talk about Hurricane Harvey and she was appalled and wants to see photos.  By the time I get her a newspaper or two, Harvey will be old news and we'll all be talking about Irma.

We sat and chatted for a bit but I was so, so, so sleepy that I kept dozing off and I finally decided to just lie down on her bed, set a timer, and sleep for half an hour.   She keeps suggesting I do that and it just seemed irresistible.

When the timer went off, she was not in her chair and I didn't know where she was until I realized she was lying next to me in the bed.

I told her goodbye and said I would be back on Saturday.  On the whole it was a "normal" day with her.  Days when she is not upset about what she isn't doing that she should be doing are now what I classify as "good days."

If you are reading this on Funny the World I was able to post this but there are problems reading the hard drives and I'm not 100% convinced I can post this. Be aware in the next couple of days that if there is no entry here, you should check Airy Persiflage.



Her last day as a 97 year old.-

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