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1 Sept 2017

It's a new month and time to change the look of this journal again.  Given all the unrest in the world, the threat of nuclear war with N. Korea, the in-fighting among the Republicans, escalation in Afghanistan, and White Supremacists rising up to "take back the country" (never was sure what that meant), all I could think of was that old song, Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

So this is my salute to "peace" this month. 

Of course my month of "peace" started off on the wrong foot.  When I got my iPhone a year or so ago and took pictures and wanted to use them on Funny the World, I would email them to myself.  It worked great.  I sent the photo and within a matter of seconds--minutes, if things were slow--it appeared in my email box.

But then it didn't appear in my email box and would show up a day or two or even three days later.  Consistently.  So I started doing what I should have been doing in the first place--I connected the phone to the desktop, called up the Bev'siPhone file, opened it up, chose the photos I wanted to copy to the desktop and voila!  Why hadn't I thought of that before?

But a couple of weeks ago, when I opened my file I was told it was empty.  Well, plainly it wasn't empty because I could see the photos but for some reason the computer could not.

People told me to contact Apple Help and that they had very good help from them.  I put that off, but finally today decided I'd do that.  I did a Google search for Apple help, found a page that looked good, contacted their help line and got a nice unintelligible Indian woman who was going to check my computer to see if she could figure out what was wrong.  God, how I hate giving access to my computer to some disembodied voice, but I did it and right away she found the problem--she told me that one of the Apple drivers had expired and that I would have to renew for $100.  She also pointed out three spam filters that my guru had put on the machine last week and said they were making my computer run "very slow" (it wasn't) and that I didn't need them and told me to delete them. I wasn't doing that, so disconnected and decided I'd find another work-around for getting photos.

I then sent a note to the guru just commenting on how frustrating it is for someone who pretty much does a few very simple things on the computer, doesn't watch videos, doesn't download music, just email, FTW, and Swap Bot, pretty much, with lots of Google searches for photos or information.

I was out when Steve called but he talked to Walt and told him that the woman I had been talking to was a hacker and that I had reached a spam web site.  I don't know what, if any, mischief she may have gotten into in the 5 minutes I talked to her, but I'll have to monitor this computer and make sure that things are OK and that none of my accounts are hacked.

Why can't life be simple and uncomplicated?

But I had a lunch date!  Remember Sandy, from Logos?  After the sale of Logos, I decided not to volunteer any more, but Sandy stayed on.  We agreed we would stay in touch.  A few months ago, we had a lovely lunch -- so nice to have the time to sit and chat -- and she called me earlier this week to ask if I wanted to go to lunch again.  I'm curious to know how things are going in the store, as well as in her life.

We agreed on a date and place and today I drove down, a bit early, Kindle in hand, to meet her at Ket Mo Ree, the Thai place where we had met before.

I was early, but it was too hot to stand outside and wait so I went in and to a window table so I could watch for her while I read my book.

The plan was to meet at 11:30 and she's usually early, so it was a surprise when 11:30 came and went.  I happened to glance at the screen of my phone and saw that today was Thursday.  Our lunch date was for Friday!  Color me stupid!  I didn't want to just get up and leave, so I ordered lunch anyway.  I love pad Thai.

I brought home enough for Walt to have for lunch and I confessed on Facebook what a dumb thing I'd done.  Sandy asked if I'd rather eat at a different restaurant, but that pad Thai was so good I'd love to have it again...or one of the lovely curries that also sounded delicious.

I came home and spent a good part of the afternoon setting up pages for these September entries and starting to figure out what I need to copy to where to avoid having problems again.


Phil and Jeri at an A's game in Baltimore


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