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18 October 2017

If it's the third week of the month, it must be time for lunch with my friend Kathy again.

We're kind of homeless and wandering at the moment.  For the first 12 or so years that we met monthly for lunch, we ate at the Olive Garden in Sacramento, which was near where she worked.  I didn't work and I enjoyed the drive to Sacramento (got to listen to my audio book), so I didn't mind the 30 minute drive to meet her.

When she retired, she decided it was her turn to do the driving and, despite my protests that I really enjoyed the drive, she started coming to Davis.  For a couple of years, we ate monthly at Cafe Italia.

We at in one of these uncomfortable booths and had our "regular," usually a roast beef sandwich for me and spaghetti for Kathy (usually with the sauce on the side).  It was a nice tradition.

But Cafe Italia has had to close its doors due to expansion of the motel which owns it, and while we cringed each month wondering if "this" would be our last lunch, it lasted longer than we expected, but that day did finally come and so we had to find a new place.

We both like Mexican food, so we tried Tres Hermanas last month.  I had only eaten there twice before, and what I like most about it is the decor.

It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.  i wasn't feeling all that well, so just had a plain tamale.  Kathy didn't like the menu, so just had rice and beans.

When we were choosing where to eat this month, I suggested Ding How, the Chinese restaurant where we ate with (the other) Jeri and Phil last month.

We both had a lemon chicken lunch and it was delicious, but waaay too much.  I intended to finish mine for dinner, as did Kathy.

I've mentioned before that we usually talk politics.  For years it was moaning about G.W. Bush, then we had 7 happy years until Trump started looking like a viable candidate and our lunches were rife with "how can we stop this man?" and comparing what horrible things he had done/said now.

But now it's over and what do we talk about?  It's a done deal, he is more horrible each day (telling a pregnant widow "he knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it still hurts" ???) and there is no point in wallowing in the depression that will be with us until the next campaign.

So we talked about our kids, books, TV shows and, you know, regular stuff.  It was nice!

Have we found another "regular" restaurant?  But there is a Dickey's BBQ nearby, which I have never been to and Kathy likes, so that is our spot for next month.



Lacie's idea of a "salad" is like mine -- heavy on peas and crunchy stuff,
light on lettuce and healthy stuff.  Only I would add more tomatoes.


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