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1 October 2017

I learned more about growing, harvesting and making money from marijuana last night than I ever dreamed I would.  My daughter-in-law (who wails she has never even tried pot) is Chief Risk Management Officer at a local bank and has become an expert on laws pertaining to pot.  It's extremely complicated.  (She's also the bank's expert on elder abuse and cyber security.)

With marijuana legalized in California, but not nation-wide, you can grow  and sell the stuff here, but any money you earn can't be banked because it's a federal crime to sell it!  It's a LOT more complicated than that, but that's the main problem as I gathered it.  And with both Trump and Sessions vehemently opposed to marijuana, it's only going to get more complicated.

There are growers all over the state making literally millions of dollars that they can't deposit because to do so would be a federal crime.  Laurel apparently gives talks on this everywhere and meets with pot growers, etc.

Our pot discussion came at the end of a long day.  Both girls had soccer games, Bri's at 11:45, and Lacie's an hour later on a field near where Bri played.  I took a few pictures of Bri's game but not many because (a) she's constantly in motion...that girl can play soccer! and (b) the referee stood in front of me almost the entire game, so I was shooting around him. 

But her team won and played very well.  She didn't score a goal this week, but scored two last week, her proud Dad tells me.  I love the bridge at the end of the game where both teams walk under a bridge made of the hands of parents and others in the "audience."

In contrast, it was very easy to photograph Lacie, who obviously wanted to be anywhere but on a soccer field.  When her team ran down the field, she followed behind them at a slow walk.  She stood with her head down most of the time.  She had a few bursts where she would run with the team, but mostly she just walked.  If her team was running west, she walked west, if they turned around and started running east, she would turn around and walk east.  Her biggest bursts of energy came when they called time for water or snacks.

(that's lacy on the left)

The best part for both girls is snack time after the game.

When the games were over, the family went home while Alice Nan, Walt and I went to Trader Joe's.  It was Saturday and so the place was mobbed.  It was difficult to push a cart through the store, and even more difficult to find a place to wait with a cart while Alice Nan and Walt went looking for specific foods.

We eventually came home, loaded with new foods to try, and Alice Nan microwaved some frozen pot stickers.  We sat around dipping those in sauce and eating them.  We polished off the entire bag.

Then I got into the recliner, turned on MSNBC and was asleep almost immediately.  I slept more than an hour and it was after 6 when I woke up.  We had been invited to Tom's for dinner, and stopped first at CVS to buy me a new cane because the rubber tip had worn away on mine and I was in danger of having it fall out from under me on slick surfaces.

While Tom cooked dinner and Bri was in her room reading a book, Jeri and Lacie were on the floor making a book that apparently we will all see today. 

This is Lacie's forte -- creative stuff.  Laurel was telling us that she has such an analytical, geometric mind that she builds incredibly complicated Lego structures. At six years of age. When we were watching TV the other night, she was reading Lego instruction manuals, and in the morning got up and built a complicated structure based on the manual.

Over dinner, Lacie dominated the conversation, giving us all riddles to solve.

You're in a locked room with no windows and only locked doors.  The only thing in the room are a piano, a calendar and a couch.  How do you eat and drink and get out of the room?

You eat the dates on the calendar, drink from the springs on the couch and use the piano keys to open the doors.

Each time we thought we had answered all of her riddles, she had more of them.  They apparently came from a book called "World's Worst Riddles," an aptly named book!

The girls finally went off to bed and we listened to Laurel explaining the problems of making a money off of marijuana growing.  It was after 11 before we came on home.

But it was such a fun family evening.  Just perfect.  I do love this family.  What is nice, I have to guiltily admit, is that I haven't worried about my mother once since we have been here.




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