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30 November 2017

In between the far more important dissecting of the sexual indiscretions of Matt Lauer, occasionally talking heads today talked about the most recent missile testing and how that should affect the passage of the horrible tax bill.

I've had a shitty day but at the end of the day, I have the solution for the missile crisis, if any foreign leaders want to listen to me.  How to bring the United States to its knees without spending a cent.  I don't think.

It started like every day does, when I came in here it was to finish writing Funny the World and post it.

To post these  entries, I click on a link that I saved years ago which goes directly to the Yahoo page where all I do is to upload the files I need to upload, text and photos.

Only instead of getting that page, I got a yahoo log-in page.  No problem  I put in my address and password and it told me I had the wrong address and/or password.


This started which became, I kid you not, a day-long struggle to get back into Yahoo.  Now there are several problems.  First of all, when we first got on the internet, my address was  But after a few years, Davis Community Network (dcn) shortened all of our addresses to, which is easier to type.  But before that, I had joined all sorts of websites with the original address, and they didn't recognize the extension

Add to that that I have a gmail account and for a lot of political things that I don't want to clutter my dcn mailbox, I use my gmail account and once in awhile will use that email address for something else.

Now let's talk about passwords.  I have a handful that I rotate.  One is based on information from when I lived in San Francisco, one is a Lawsuit-based phrase, two are birthday related.  I never did try a password saver and am sort of sorry now that I did not.  But I have a long typed list kept on WordPefect, which is fine unless the computer itself breaks down, in which case the file is backed up on a flash drive.

The list itself is meaningless to anybody but me because it is coded.  For example, if I have a password that is based on the word "fox" with lots of either words or numbers attached to it, the list read "fox one."  Only I know what to add to "fox" to make it a true password.

So I started trying variations of my log in with different passwords and none of them worked.  I finally found one that worked, but it took me to the wrong web site.

See, when I worked for Dr. G., he had me set up a web site for him.  Anyone finding it would think it's a porn site since it's where he has before and after pictures of his labial cosmetic surgeries.  He eventually got someone to make a different site for him....same photos, different design, which was fine because by that time I'd left his employ anyway.  But the web site still exists and that's all Yahoo would lead me to.

My two problems -- one was to delete Michael's account, and two was to get back to the upload page for Funny the world.

Do you think Yahoo has an easy to find customer service phone or email address.  Of course not.  Every page I came to that looked promising led me to a page with articles to read none of which addressed the issue of how to delete your former boss's porn page so you could use your own journal page.

A guy from Facebook started sending me suggestions, which either didn't work or were things that I had already tried. 

I finally got the attention of a couple of Yahoo people (I am resisting the temptation to call them a couple of yahoos) who started helping me.  I played the old lady card ("Have pity--I'm nearly 75 years old and haven't had to do any programming in years").

Looking back on the time line of my exchange of emails with ultimately "Chris" I see that from the first time I posted a "help" plea on their customer discussion board until Chris finally got me back on line again was roughly 6 hours.

Six hours of frustration with inability to get onto Yahoo mixed with news of Matt Lauer's indiscretions and Trump's stupidity and worry about my friend who is having a pacemaker installed on Monday and this was not my best day.  (Nor was it a good day for Lauer or my friend!)

But based on how I handled all of this emotionally made me realize that if you go anywhere in this country today what do you see?  People on their phones.  Standing, walking, lying down, eating meals, before a play and at intermission and definitely as soon as the show ends.  People rarely talk with each other because they are busy on their phones doing....whatever.

Now, thinking about how frustrated I was, how much I ate, how much I paced, how much I tore my hair out I realized that anybody who wants to take over  this country just has to pull the internet plug.  Leave us without the ability to reach the internet, send email, tweet (yes, please don't let the president tweet!), etc. we will be so destroyed that whatever one would do with a country that has been bombed into oblivion, you can do with a country that is still intact, but peopled by a citizenry walking around, bug-eyed, mumbling, and fruitlessly punching buttons on their non-working machines.



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