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3 November 2017

It is definitely pumpkin season.  I even bought pumpkin postage stamps this week.

If there were any doubt that this is pumpkin season, a trip through The Fearless Flyer, the newsletter for Trader Joe's will erase all that.  At Trader Joe's right now you can buy the following products.

- pumpkin spice almond beverage
- pumpkin spice coffee
- pumpkin cream cheese
- pumpkin ginger ice cream
- pumpkin marble mousse bar
- pumpkin waffles
- pumpkin toaster pastries
- pumpkin pecan instant oatmeal
- pumpkin bread mix
- pumpkin O's (I assume these are cereal like Cheerios)
- pumpkin pancake mix
- pumpkin pie spice
- "pumpkin walks into a bar" (a cereal bar)
- pumpkin protein bar
- pumpkin butternut squash bisque
- pumpkin Greek yogurt
- pumpkin butter
- pumpkin rolls with frosting
- pumpkin petite spice cookies
- pumpkin biscotti
- pumpkin cranberry crisps
- pumpkin Joe Joes (cookies)
- pumpkin spice caramels
- pumpkin cream filled wafers pumpkin spice
- pumpkin seeds
- pumpkin tortilla chips [this sounds ghastly to me!]
- pumpkin ale
and even - pumpkin flavored dog treats

If none of these choices rocks your boat, you can also buy a real pumpkin and create your own delicacy. 

Do a search on Amazon for "pumpkin" and you get a whole page of just different types of pumpkin spiced coffees, from regular ol' pumpkin flavored coffee to latte, cappuccino, cinnamon roll flavor.  They also have a selection of pumpkin flavored coffee creamers.

Or if you don't want to ingest your pumpkin you can use pumpkin renew cream, marshmallow pumpkin latte body cream, cinnamon pumpkin ultra shea body cream, cinnamon pumpkin hand cream, pumpkin spice body cream, pumpkin face cream, pumpkin scent body lotion, goat milk pumpkin hand cream, pumpkin peel, pumpkin seed body butter, pumpkin spice deodorant, pumpkin sleeping pack (an exfoliant), pumpkin chapstick, pumpkin purifying mask, pumpkin soap on a rope, pumpkin bath salts, pumpkin puree mud mask, spiced pumpkin cider whipped body butter, pumpkin spice aromatherapy herbal soap, something called pumpkin luster dust (I don't know what that is), pumpkin honey glycolic mask

And while you are rubbing yourself with lots of pumpkin, you can enjoy the scent of your pumpkin candle.

An Amazon search on "pumpkin products" not only yields the above list, but also more food items.  Special K has a pumpkin flavor, there are pumpkin spice Oreo cookies, pumpkin frosted mini-wheats, pumpkin syrup, pumpkin Pop Tarts, chipotle seasoned pumpkin seeds, pumpkin flavored granular sweetener, pumpkin spice healthy meal nutritional shake mix, pumpkin spice organic tailgating spice blend.

Twenty pages of pumpkin products

Now I admit to liking pumpkin pie -- it's probably one of my favorite pies -- but there is pumpkin and there is pumpkin and methinks this is overdoing it.




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