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15 May 2017

Another Mothers Day is in the can, as they say.  And it was a nice day.  I slept until 8:30 and when I woke up, Walt was off at Mass because he's the good on in the family.

But when I got up, I found these lovely roses on the kitchen table and an envelope which I chose not to open until he got home.  I'm glad I waited because if the table were turned, I would have wanted to see his reaction when he opened it. 

I knew I had to share it, so I made a brief, 20 second video, if you're interested.

We went to Café Italia, where I have lunch with Kathy once a month and it was a very nice meal, which started with mimosas...

They have a special menu on Mothers Day, the only day you can get crab cakes Benedict, which are delicious. 

While we were eating, a man came around with a big tray of chocolate covered strawberries only for the mothers.  Walt was not offered one.

It was just 11 a.m. when we finished and I decided that was too early to go to Atria, so we waited until 1 and then went to visit my mother . Each holiday that we share together, I wonder if it's going to be the last one.  Whether she is here next year or not, it really was the last video in this apartment.

Walt came with me this time and he got to see her when she is good, but making no sense in whatever she talks about.  She did spend a lot of time talking about the trees outside and that made her smile.

Since conversation was all but impossible, we didn't stay the full hour, but I did snap pictures of the furniture we want to donate because Habitat for Humanity is interested but wanted to see what we had to share.  I have to go back tomorrow anyway to pick up laundry, so I will visit more then.

Walt went up to the University to visit with Ned, who was working at the sound booth of the Whole Earth Festival, as he has done almost every year since the festival started (except for the years when Lawsuit performed there).  In the afternoon, after a nap, I had a nice chat with Jeri.

Tom called in the evening, but the girls were too tied up with TV to do anything but wish me a happy Mothers Day.  However Tom told me they had gone to a stage version of Into the Woods in LA that afternoon. It was their first real stage show, and reports were that they loved it.  Makes me feel good!

I asked Walt if he would mind picking up dinner somewhere.  I had planned on cooking, but for some reason, my thigh muscles on both legs ached as if I'd just climbed a mountain, or performed 100 squat exercises, neither of which I had done.  I often have sore muscles (it's tough work to be a couch potato!), but this was worse than usual.  He agreed to go out to Panda Express for dinner and we enjoyed honey walnut shrimp, orange chicken, chow mein and fried rice.  I will try not to take it as a bad omen that my fortune cookie was empty.

So all things considered, it was really a pleasant Mother's Day and I am a happy mom, headed off to sleep.



That's my girl -- Bri likes sushi!

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