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25 March 2017

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: The Heat of the Moment (1982)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) What's something you did or said "in the heat of the moment?"

"Jeri knows better."  The worst thing I ever did as a mother.  One of the kids had been playing with matches in one of the bathrooms and I said I was going to question each one of the four boys, in turn and they could not leave their bedroom until someone confessed.  "Why not Jeri too?" they wailed and I said "because Jeri knows better."  Jeri is over 50 now, the others are pushing 50 and they still haven't let me forget that.  (I did, however, get a confession.)

2) Asia's founder and bass player, John Wetton, passed away in January. One of his bandmates remembered him as a reliable performer who made everyone around him look better. Do you enjoy being the center of attention? Or would you, like Mr. Wetton, prefer to play a supporting role?

Oh definitely a supporting role.  Unlike my sons, I do not like the limelight!

3) Asia is a British band who played their first US concert at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. The nearest major city -- Ottawa, Canada -- is a 90-minute drive from Pottsdam. When you were last in the car for an hour or more? Where were you going?

I love this question because it makes it sounds like driving for an hour is a big deal. It is no big deal in California and we do it regularly.  The last time we were in the car for an hour was last weekend when we drove to the San Francisco airport to pick Caroline up.

4) The song refers to disco hot spots, which apparently, by 1982, no one wanted to go to anymore. Let's make that negative into a positive. Describe your perfect night out with friends. Where would you go?

A perfect night would be dinner at a good restaurant and then off to a play that I do NOT have to review.

5) In 1982, the year this song was popular, someone laced bottles of Tylenol with cyanide. That's why we now have tamper-proof caps on many products. Have you used anything in a tamper-proof bottle yet today?

I take several pills every morning and they all come in tamper-proof bottles, but I fill a pill dispenser once a week, so I have not actually opened a tamper-proof bottle today.

6) In 1982, Time Magazine's Person of the Year wasn't a person at all, it was "the computer." What do you use your computer for most often?

E-mail, Facebook, writing this journal

7) 1982 also saw the premiere of The Weather Channel. Where do you learn the day's weather forecast? (Watching the local news on TV, checking your phone, looking out the window ...)

TV or a weather app.  Do you know there is a weather tower in Sacramento where you can tell what the weather is by looking at the color lit while you're driving on the freeway.  I always thought I could tell if it was raining by the drops on the window, or that it was hot by having the air conditioning on.  I don't need a lighted tower to tell me!

8) In 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie, Conan the Barbarian, was a hit in theaters. When you settle down to watch a movie, is it usually a fantasy, like Conan? Or do you prefer another genre (action, comedy, adventure, romance, drama, classic ...)

Probably mostly drama, with classic movies a favorite on TV.

9) Random question: What is something you try to avoid?

I'd like to say "confrontation," but since Trump came into all of our lives, that's probably no longer true. 



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