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3 March 2017

I had grand plans for today.  I knew I would have the house all to myself for the whole day and what plans I had!  Caroline, our friend's daughter, postponed her trip here but she is coming on March 16 and since nothing has been done to straighten up the house, this seemed a good day to do it.  I would start with removing everything in the drawers in what will be her room, get them packed into the Blue Apron boxes and ready to take to the SPCA thrift shop.  I might even stop by the shop on my way home from the post office, where I had to mail a package.

I sat down for a bit to eat my breakfast and watch a show that I had recorded within the last couple of days so I could erase it from the DVR.  Well, that turned into two shows, but I still had time to get upstairs and do some straightening there.

But there was Swap Bot to check and it was time to send out three swaps, one of which involved writing a letter as well, so I would do those first and then I would get upstairs. 

By now it was lunch time and I had some lunch.  While I was eating lunch, the phone rang and it was my dentist's office.  Was I on my way?  It was 1 p.m.  I knew I had an appointment but had it in my calendar for 2.  I said I'd be right there.  Upstairs would have to wait, as would getting my mother's laundry out of the dryer.  i had planned on dropping it at Atria on my way home, but now I'd have to come back from the dentist, pack up the laundry and then go to Atria.

I spent 2 hours looking at the Periodic table of vegetables.

I do like Cindy's office because she always has interesting stuff affixed to the ceiling.  This was the treatment room.  She was preparing a tooth for a crown, so if my eyesight had been better I could tell you all about the various names and numbers of the veggies because I stared at them for the better part of two hours.

That's Cindy in the back of the photo there.

People think I'm crazy when I say I don't mind going to the dentist because it is always about 98% painless.  And I never mind if she has some repair work to do on the teeth that are, she tells me, disintegrating with age, because she does those procedures herself (usually I see the hygienist for cleaning) and the appointment is usually booked for two hours so in between procedures, when she has to wait for things to set or something, we have a chance to get caught up on each other's lives.  She says we have to have another lunch with her, myself, and our friend Roberta.  Roberta and I share a birthday and Cindy has, from time to time, fixed a lunch for the three of us to celebrate it.  The last one was a couple of years ago and I have not seen Roberta since, so it would be nice to have that lunch.

Anyway, I got my temporary crown put in and headed to the post office to mail my package.  At least I got that done.  It was getting a little late to visit my mother, especially since I had to go home and get her laundry first, but it would be OK  I could visit with her before she went to dinner.

But then I drove past the cemetery, which was ablaze with blossoms.

I had to drive in, say hi to the kids, and take pictures of the trees.  Where Dave and Paul are buried, the trees are still in their infancy, but in a couple of years, they, too, should be bursting with blossoms like this.

By the time I got home I decided it was too late to go to Atria after all, so I'll do that in the morning.  And it was getting so late I didn't want to start the upstairs project.  I'd get at it in the morning.

Then I got a call from the hospital reminding me that I work the information desk tomorrow and I'll have to stop at Atria first to deliver the clothes so tomorrow's not a good day for work upstairs either.

Owell....Caroline doesn't get here for a whole 13 days.  That's surely enough time, right?



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