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30 June 2017

I always forget how long it takes to get this geriatric laptop working after I have not used it in awhile.  I woke up this morning at 5:30 and it is only now, 6:30, that I am able to start typing today's entry!  It just does. not. want. to. wake. up;.  Once it does, it's fine...slow, but otherwise fine (like me).  The only reason I don't upgrade is that pretty much the only thing I use this laptop for these days is to write Funny the World, and the program I use will not work on newer versions.  So I keep hobbling along and trying to be patient.

We are in Santa Barbara.  It was a long (always is) and basically uneventful trip.  The two differences were that (1) Alice Nan now has a smart phone, so instead of sending her verbal progress reports, I could send her photo progress reports and (2) Norm and Olivia were also headed for Santa Barbara and when we got caught in bumper to bumper traffic around Soledad, we found out that we were all in approximately the same area (though never did see each other).

However, after getting the house as ready as possible for Ashley, Dave and Gabe to move in, we got out of Davis around noon, pretty much par for the course.  I started up the audio book we have been "reading," "A Man Called Ove" (that's pronounced's Swedish)

We drove to Milpitas, south of San Jose, where we stopped for lunch at Five Guys.

What I like about Five Guys is that in addition to what is one of the best tasting burgers I've had at fast food joints, they have vats of peanuts for you to eat while waiting for your food to be cooked.

Five Guys is near Gilroy, which is famous for being the "garlic capital of the world."  But at this time of year, there are fruit stands all over the place selling cherries, in addition to garlic.

We always stop at this particular stand and buy a big basket of cherries to bring down to Santa Barbara.  The guy this year was very cheery, for a cherry guy, and offered to wash the cherries for us if we would be eating them in the car.  He also gave us an extra plastic bag so we would have somewhere to put the pits.

This year they had a bunch of different flavored almonds and we bought a bag of garlic flavored, which were also tasty.

It's always fun to see how the farmers in the valley decorate their barns.  Many are just plain but then there are barns like this.

Farther on down the road, we stopped at a rest stop and I was amused to see two monks in robes and baseball caps head off to the bathroom.

When we make this drive in the springtime, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the green hills and take lots of nature photos, but everything is brown, brown, brown and not at all picturesque.

We finally reached the ocean at Pismo Beach

so we knew we were just an hour and a half from Santa Barbara.  We rolled in here at around 10 p.m.  We were followed a couple of hour later by Norm and Olivia, who had tire trouble in one spot and then stopped for dinner with friends in San Luis Obispo.

But we are all here now and I hear that we have a busy day planned, which includes babysitting for Lacie all day after her graduation from "Safety Town," then picking Bri up from camp and going to her baseball practice and finally somehow ending up in Solvang, a ways north of here, to see Beauty and the Beast on an outdoor stage.  I haven't seen that show since...uh...Tuesday.



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