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27 June 2017

Well, it's all downhill, celebration wise, after 50.  It was a quiet day.  The temps have final cooled, which was nice.  I went to Atria and spent an hour with my mother, then came home and took a nap.  Walt got garbage ready for today's garbage pick up and took his own nap.  After Jeopardy we went out to dinner.

I spent time researching restaurants in Davis.  We don't go out to eat very often here in town and we seem to usually go to our favorite Thai restaurant, but there have been places that have come and gone that I would like to have tried, and places, like Noodle City, which has been in town for more than 10 years, that we have never tried.  It sounded good, from the Yelp and Davis Wiki reviews (the last of which was written in 2007).

So we decided to go to Noodle City.  As I wended my way to the back part of Orange Court, I heard lots and lots of people and found Sophie's Thai Restaurant to be overflowing.  I was afraid we would have a wait at next door Noodle City.  But not only did we not have a crowd, there was only one other couple in the restaurant.

I loved the curtains that separated the kitchen from the eating area and the bathroom sign was cute.

The bored looking waiter took our order and we started with some delicious green onion bread for an appetizer.

I had read that the "DanDan noodles" were wonderful, so I ordered them.  (The thing about Noodle City is that they make all of their noodles in-house)

It was delicious, but not very substantial.  Kind of like Top Ramen, with just noodles and a peanut flavored broth and topped with chopped peanuts.  I liked it, and there is enough in my doggie bag for lunch today, but before I finished I was wishing for a bit of meat too.

Walt did better with his five spice beef soup.

This was by far the most popular dish in all the reviews I read and it was indeed delicious with huge chunks of beef, vegetables and a delicious broth that made me understand what they mean on the Food Network when they talk about "depth of flavor."  If we ever go back, I will order this.

And since it was a special event, though I usually just drink water, I even had a glass of wine with Walt.  We had to have SOME way to toast our anniversary.

The air was so deliciously cool when we left, that I kept the car window rolled down for the drive home.

I watched an episode of Genius while Walt finished the garbage collection.  And then, since I had a glass of wine, I was falling asleep by 11 p.m. (one reason I don't drink any more--I don't like falling asleep so early!)

It was a quiet celebration, but fitting 52 years!


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