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21 June 2017

It was another lazy, hot day only this day very little got accomplished.  I can't even remember what I did.

The plan was to go visit my mother around 1, after she's had her lunch so in the late morning, in the middle of writing a 10 page letter to my friend Ann MacNab (co-founder of the Lamplighters, housebound and unable to attend the memorial).  We always write very long letters to each other.  The letter from her I was answering was 17 pages long.

I took a break to have my now-scheduled reading time.  I read for about an hour and a half and since it was still just a little too early to go to Atria, I went back to writing the letter, when Jeri called.

We had a very nice, long chat which was so long that by the time we finished, it was getting late and I really didn't feel like going to Atria, so I just finished the letter and got dinner ready, since we were going to go see Beauty and the Beast tonight.  Believe me, the very last thing I wanted to do on such a hot night.

This was the opening production of the 2017 Music Circus season and I gave thanks, as I usually do, that Music Circus finally built a real theater.  For many years they performed in a giant circus tent with no air conditioning and the kind of chairs that stars sit in on the set between takes.  A decidedly unpleasant experience.

But the building was built three years after I started reviewing and I give thanks every time I enter the air conditioned building and sit in the padded theater seats!

It is a theater in the round and while we were waiting the stage was set with just a single red rose that looked like it had a God Light shining on it.

As for the production, it was absolutely wonderful.  The director, Glen Casale, is the major director for Music Circus and he had directed this show here before, but he had also taken a company on a European tour with it and the costumes for this production were from that tour.

It was an opulent production.

The performers were all professionals, many of whom had had major roles on Broadway, so the quality was top notch, my only complaint is that it was entirely too loud and with my hearing you know it's loud if I'm complaining about it!

We enjoyed the show so much, we'll see it again in 2 weeks when we go to another production in Solvang with Tom and family.  It will be the girls' first "big theater" production.  I wonder if either of them will come dressed as princesses, as many little girls did tonight!


My sister (right) would have been 70 years old today.
Happy birthday, Karen!


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